Star Army

Original Military Sci-Fi Roleplaying & Worldbuilding

Star Army - Original Military Sci-Fi Roleplaying & Worldbuilding

Star Army is a long-running transhuman sci-fi roleplaying community based around the uniquely original fictional universe created by its members. In the distant future, humanity has spread out and suffered through countless wars. In the dangerous expanses, Empires use their space military forces to fend off alien invasions, pirates, and insurrections. Play as a STAR ARMY soldier of Yamatai, an anime-themed nation of androids set on maintaining control, or join the Space Marines of Nepleslia, a cyberpunk themed nation of badass heavily-armed cyborgs. Many other factions are available to join and you can create your own or play an independent character. Join Star Army to roleplay with us and to make your mark on this shared setting.

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