Sinful Grace

An Independent Firefly Play-by-Nova RPG

Sinful Grace - An Independent Firefly Play-by-Nova RPG

Sinful Grace, or just Gracie as me and the crew are fond of calling her, ain't much to look at. She's got a lot of miles between her and the assembly line that pieced her together, but that ain't slowed her down none. You see, Gracie ain't all that different from the crew that mans her. We're all beat up, worn down, seen the wrong side of a few too many bar fights... but we don't quit. We keep flying, keep workin', keep doing what we can. Reckon one day, we'll all drop dead. Gracie probably will, too. Until that day, we'll just keep goin' out into the black, doin'. Getting in the way of the ruttin' Alliance as best we can, and as often as we can. Are we bad guys? Not rightly. Not rightly good guys either... I reckon we're somewhere in between. Sound like some place you could call home for a spell? Well, come on aboard. Pay your way or work it, I don't rightly care. Just remember the crew o' this ship is my family. I won't think twice to put a bullet in you if you cross that.

Welcome to the Sinful Grace. I'm Eli. You can call me Cap'n.

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