Silver Rivers

Original Sci-fi; Colonist ship lost in space survival

Silver Rivers - Original Sci-fi; Colonist ship lost in space survival

Silver Rivers is a 3/3/3 Play-by-Post, original science fiction roleplay community set in year 3042 isolated aboard a colony ship that has been sabotage, lost in space and far from its destination. Designed for psychological horror, intrigue, and realism.

Designed with advanced writers, mature adults 21+ in mind who prefer 300+ wordcount, a dash of critical thinking and a love for interpersonal connections.

In Silver Rivers, everything a character does matters from the air that they breathe, words spoken, and actions made. Consider Silver Rivers a “space scenario” and collectively characters through decisions, interactions, actions, and collective skills choose their own ending. So, while there is an overarching story that matters, it is up to the characters to drive where it goes and if the colony ship ultimately ever gets to its destination (or finds a new one). Cause and effect are high here because…. Space is not safe.

  • Human PC only, and whatever resides in the deep dark corners of their minds.
  • All characters have a super easy start waking from cryosleep with no idea what's going on.
  • Profile applications + Personal development board space upon approvals - /All inclusive/
  • Heavily Inspired by some of the greatest works in science fiction such as Alien, Pandorum, Lost in Space, Passengers and MORE – Its not all fantasy, we are utilizing real NASA facts to create a sense of hyper-realism to our AU.

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