Pegasus Fleet

The Star Trek RPG set in the wild frontier of Galactic South.

Pegasus Fleet - The Star Trek RPG set in the wild frontier of Galactic South.

Welcome to Pegasus Fleet, the Star Trek role playing fleet set in Galactic South. We're delighted to be able to give you all the opportunity to write your own future history!

We are celebrating our fifth birthday this year and we want YOU to join us and help us write the story of Galactic South.

Our games operate in a vast area of space uncharted by most other fleets and you’ll have the chance to seek out new worlds, discover new life, new civilisations and even create some of the races and governments that other players will run into.

We’re looking for:

• Commanding Officers - the chance to write your own piece of Star Trek future history
• Players - become the vital spark behind one of our ship’s fortunes
• Weird and wonderful ideas - got an idea for a sim that’s way out of left field? Great!

We’re under new management, we’re celebrating a storied past and a really bright future so why not come and join us?

[Please note that every game has its own rules on language, violence and sex. Please check with specific game managers if you have any questions.]

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