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Where all your dreams come true

Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fantasy Forum - Where all your dreams come true

Lost Worlds is a multi fandom site hosting RPG's as diverse as Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, to Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and The Forgotten Realms. We also cater to individual non cannon RPG's.

We pride ourselves on quality and continuity, as such we have a great crew of members many of whom have been with the forum since its inception in 2011.

Our biggest RPG, being based on the Stargate SG1 franchise is a canon effort, using both characters from the show and of course our own OC's. We are replicating the show as it were, now in season 12 and about to launch season 13. We are creative and for some of our members, not even being familiar with the show hasn't stopped them from diving in and getting full enjoyment from writing with us. We are also always open to new members to take up canon roles from both SG1 and Atlantis.
Stargate Universe:
We're taking the crew of the Destiny to new adventures and perils. What awaits Young and his team as the ship ventures forward into ever unknown space?

Forgotten Realms: is new for us. We're basing our RPG on the Never Winter Nights story, starting from the Wailing death in Never city. It will be exciting.

Wheel of Time: An Aes Sedai loyal to the rebel cause is trapped in the White Tower with few friends, she must escape to track down the contents of a scroll that could help Rand defeat the Dark One. She calls for Adventurers to aid her. Will you be one of them?

Our forum is also a general topic fandom site where we engage in everything from discussing our favorite shows and movies, actors and actresses, graphic arts, fun and games, fan fiction and much more.

Hope we might see some of you with us soon.

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