A Sci-Fi game that specializes in humans with powers.


It's 2013 and it's slightly surprising to see that Los Angeles, California has not yet been completely deserted. You'd think all the... "normals" would have tucked their tails between their legs and run already. But, no. There's still some stubborn ones lurking around here. See... five years ago, there was a breakout of Salmonella here in the states. I'm sure you remember that. It was all over the news. A lot of people died back then. The government decided they wanted to experiment on it to try and find a cure. And they thought they had. But their 'cure'? It only made everything worse. So much worse. The supposed cure mutated the existing strain of Salmonella into something pretty phenomenal. They call it Jerondistic Salmonella, better known now as Jaydis. It became an epidemic that swept across the nation. It hit LA pretty damn hard, too.


But not everyone died. No... some of us survived and now the government's trying to suppress us. Fortunately, our kind is not so easily suppressed. They made sure of that. Those that don't die from Jaydis? The disease mutates them. And it's excruciatingly painful when you make the change. You've got a massive headache and you shake and quiver and just... it's painful. Because of the mutation, we became the Infected. And that's where the fun began. Well, that's what we thought, anyway. We had these extraordinary powers and used them for whatever we wished. After a few months of things going haywire, the Government came in again, to do one of two things. Either capture or exterminate us. 


Needless to say, we went into hiding. We went underground, hiding our powers as if they were curses instead of gifts. And yet again, we were found. But not by the Government. We were found by the only alliance that could be worse than those jar-head pigs. The Pure Bloods. They were exactly like us, but they'd been in hiding since the beginning of their existence. Stronger, with more powers, they used their sensory talents to dig us out and execute us, to protect their secret. They listen to no one.  As if that isn't enough, we're also tracked down and taken out by the Hunters as well. Infected working for the enemy. Whoever pays more is the side they're on. The only people that aren't trying to kill us are the Civilians, and that's only because they don't know about any of this going on. They just listen to what they're told. Los Angeles is being run in to the ground because of the economic crisis the nation was thrown into.


There's only one rule for us Infected. Survive.