an expansive world on the brink of another intergalactic war

interplanetary - an expansive world on the brink of another intergalactic war

Years ago, a shadow came from beyond to lay siege upon the galaxy and those inhabitants within it. The attackers, a foreign race of alien, had decimated all that they got their hands on. They took over planets and left nothing but destruction in their wake. Many of those who survived and managed to get away, were refugees to the main hub, a colony called Asteria. Unfortunately, try as they might, the interplanetary council, a group of elected officials who were appointed from the prominent races within the galaxy, tried to make the best of this situation but ultimately they failed.

However, life progressed on. Despite the war, and the destruction, tried their best to build up from the bottom but there are always those looking to take advantage of something like this, and it came from within the council's elite. They turned against each other, a divide growing between the council members like a cataclysmic rift. Everything took a turn for the worst when the head was murdered in cold blood. Naturally, this caused a civil war to break out within the galaxy, as the elite took over and dubbed themselves the Empire, taking advantage of the crumbling wastes and the downtrodden who were left displaced after their planets and homes were decimated.

20 years later
The year is 5660 now, and 20 years later after the Empire took over and extended control over the entire galaxy. The galaxy now is a war torn mess, with slavers and thieving vandals running rampant and government control holding a firm hand over the poor. In the recent years, a rebellion has been brewing like a maelstrom within the heart of the chaos, fighting back against the oppression.

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