Infiite Horizons

a futuristic sci-fi adventure!

In the late 22nd century, a large portion of the population flees Earth from an oncoming disaster: a meteor hurdling toward the planet that will destroy everything. They take off in hundreds of ships and begin their search for a new planet. Those left behind are in a state of panic and leave the Earth in shambles.
The Earth is not destroyed however, and the migrants find a new home on the planet Eberus.
In time, people began to leave Eberus and Earth and form new settlements on other planets and over the next few centuries, mankind has spread far throughout the galaxy. In order to maintain a more peaceful galaxy, the Systems Court was conceived to bring a strong central government to the people. However, this Court would grow in power and soon ran the galaxy militantly in order to "maintain stability." The Court heard and saw all and used its vast resources and influence to seize control of the galactic society.
A world of crime, politics, and adventure awaits you in these Infinite Horizons!