A science fiction/future fantasy game with an emphasis on adventure.


Hey! I’m Chao, admin of a future fantasy/sci-fi roleplay community for confident Cool Cat writers called Icarus (located on Proboards). Our plot premise centers around a crew of terraformers sent out to transform the nearby planet, Themis. Earth has little living space now, yet the population is still expanding. Themis is humanity’s only hope of restoring society as we once knew it.

Space, however, is a dangerous place. You can never know what to expect, and that is why our plot is open-ended. It is designed to encourage roleplayers to exercise their creative liberties, initiate subplots, and be flexible. We vote on major plot points, but most everything else about the plot depends on what the members decide to make of it! Icarus is sci-fi/future fantasy, but we aren’t big on the technical stuff. Fear not! You do not need to have a Ph.D. in astrophysics to play an astrophysicist. 

What can you expect? Aliens. Foreign planets. Drama within the crew. An amazing OOC community.

If you like world-building, species-creation, survival horror, awesome character interaction, and MORE — then you should check Icarus out.