Deep Space 12

"Here are the monsters we test our strength against."

  • Deep Space 12, codenamed Starbase Prometheus, is a Play-by-NOVA Star Trek RP set in the post-DS9 era comprised of an all-original character crew.
  • We are a self-hosted, 18+, no word-count, limited activity-check, sandbox-style RP putting the control back in your hands. Want to run a plot where your characters travel to the Mirror Universe? Cool. Want to RP as a Vorta/Changeling hybrid? Go for it. Fancy playing Q? We got you.
  • Located in orbit of Rigel V, we’re tasked with helping to repair diplomatic relations with the mercurial Vulcanoid Rigelians as well as maintaining Refugee Zone 17, a resettlement colony for survivors of the Hobus event that destroyed the Romulan homeworld. We are focused heavily on building an intricate, layered political environment with many moving parts serving a variety of locations to play within.
  • Prometheus is a self-contained city containing all the modern amenities you could ask for including: a post office, full hospital, amphitheater, various office buildings, juvenile and adult holding cells, acres of farmland and agricultural development, and integrated elementary and secondary schools. In addition an Intrepid-class cruiser, the USS Echo, is available to the crew for survey and exploration.
  • Whether you're a passing non-Federation Syndicate crime lord, a disgruntled Rigelian citizen or a Starfleet security officer just trying their best, there's a place for you here.

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