Colliding Worlds

The Worlds of SGA and The Tudors Will Collide

In the year 1532, Sir Thomas More, the King's Top advisor and secret Lover to Katherine of Aragon is about to retire as Lord Chancellor of England to flee the threat of the reformation building in England. However a twist of fate intervenes and he accidently stumbles across a Stargate, an ancient portal. No one in England had seen and heard from him ever since.
Meanwhile in 2003 Dr. Elizabeth Weir and her team on the Atlantis expedition are beginning to settle on their lives on the Ancient Ship when Sir Thomas More, dumbfounded and confused by what happened enters through the Stargate. After discovering More has the Ancient Gene, the former Lord Chancellor joins the Expedition team with Major John Sheppard as Elizabeth Weir's off world representive.
Within the next four years Sheppard's team has seen it all Wraiths, humanoids, Ancients and seemingly peaceful farmers who turned out to be a violent military society. But no one prepares for what is about to happen to Atlantis expedition.
In 2007, Sheppard and his team including More head off on an offworld mission, however when they unwittingly take a time traveling puddle jumper which was thought to be destroyed to London England, 1536. However this is no ordinary date in England it's May 19th 1536 the day infamous in the life Queen Anne Boleyn. While exploring the team stumble across what the team thinks is a public gathering. It turns out it is not a public gathering at all but an Execution.
Colonel John Sheppard is in the midst of recovering from his recent deadly last encounter with Genii Commander Acastus Kolya in which Sheppard was tortured by being fed off by a Wraith. Not only that he remains heartbroken from his spilt with his co member of the Atlantis Dr. Elizabeth Weir resulting from this traumatic . He feels that his luck with love has run out however in the midst of this dreary and morbid event Sheppard is struck by cupid's arrow.
Unfortunately he happens to become enamored with Queen Anne Boleyn, who is about to be executed. Not wanting such a beautiful and innocent woman to die so brutally, his Captain Kirk instincts kick in and he saves the doom queen just in the nick of time. Against her will Sheppard brings her back to his time and the Pegasus Galaxy, aboard Atlantis.
What begins is a strange and unlikely romance, and a new opportunity for one of Sheppard's old enemies to attempt to travel through time and form an Alliance with one of England's greatest Sovergns........