City of Light: The 100 RPG

Praimfaya is coming...

City of Light: The 100 RPG - Praimfaya is coming...

The City of Light has been shut down... But the death wave is coming...

A.L.I.E. is gone. Clarke Griffin entered the City of Light in order to shut it down and free all the minds trapped inside, and she succeeded... but not without learning a terrible truth about why A.L.I.E. created the City in the first place. A.L.I.E. was trying to save the human race a painful death at the hands of an impending wave of radiation. The world's nuclear power plants, abandoned for almost a century, are finally melting down, unleashing blasts of radiation that all culminate into a giant death wave. Nothing will be able to escape it, and nothing can stop it.

Six months... they have six months to prepare for what will inevitably be the end of the world. Tenuous alliances are being made between the members of the Coalition in an effort to find a solution toward survival. In the abscence of a Commander, and no Night Bloods to take the Flame, King Roan of Azgeda has assumed command of the Coalition. In the meantime, the people of Arkadia are using their resources to find a solution...

And it looks like they may have! While searching through records of known bunkers in the area, they came across information about a bunker that was decommissioned in the late 1960s, only about 100 miles from Polis and Arkadia. It was a fallout shelter set up during the Cold War, and everyone is certain that it has the specifications to withstand the death wave. With this new salvation in sight, a party set out to find the bunker, certain that they would return with good news.

The world, though, is never that simple. When they opened the door, they discovered that the airlock had become a ripe breeding ground for a new disease, something that they had never seen before: A fungus that reproduces through spores. When those spores are inhaled, they cause toxic effects on the human body. This fungus, once the door was open, spread rapidly, and is becoming as much of a threat as the death wave, with infection effecting even the strongest of people.

The bunker held another secret: It was not as empty as everyone thought. A group of people, known as NAV-Con, were revealed to be very much alive within. With problems of their own to content with, they were not too keen this sudden invasion, and have resisted all efforts to work with the Coalition.

People are divided. There are those on both sides who want to share what space is left in the NAV-Con bunker. There are others who want to lock all strangers out. There are others who think a hostle takeover of the bunker is the only way the Coalition can survive. Then, there is this fast spreading illness that may just kill people before the death wave even comes. Questions of mortality versus survival are on everyones lips...

And time is running out...

This RPG starts in early Season 4.

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