XenForo FAQ Manager 3.2.0

Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledge Base management.

  1. [Feature] Sitemap support for Xenforo 1.4

    • [NEW] Support automatic XML sitemap building when used with XenForo 1.4
  2. [Fix] Important usability fix for large FAQs

    • [FIX] Added missing page number for canonical pagination on index
  3. [Fix] Bugfix for category cache

    • [FIX] Fixes category cache so that they show up on the menu again
  4. [Compatibility Change] XenForo 1.3

    Only upgrade if you are running XenForo 1.3.
    • [CHANGE] XenForo 1.3 Beta 3 or higher now required
    • [NEW] Upload attachments to your FAQ entries
    • [NEW] Users may ask questions which then get added to the moderation queue in order to be answered. When a question gets answered, the user will receive an alert.
    • [NEW] Category descriptions and page descriptions