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Character Wanted X-Men & Avengers Wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by RachD, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. RachD
    Caffeine Fix

    RachD Resident Game Owner

    Like many RPGs, we get great writers to come through and sometimes RL takes them away. Right now, we are in need of specific X-type characters for our world that lost their writers this past year. They already have some history so we're looking for someone willing to accept those histories and continue writing the characters.

    Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
    John Proudstar / Thunderbird
    Remy LeBeau / Gambit
    Anna Marie Clairmont / Rogue
    Scott Summers / Cyclops

    We also once had a full Avengers Team with SHIELD cohorts, but lost a lot of players in that team. If we see enough interest in these teams again, we would be willing to re-open that faction in our group. We are definitely missing - Hawkeye, Falcon, Ant Man, Wasp, Hulk, Black Widow, Mockingbird - and would like some of these taken before we reignite the Avengers faction.

    Let us know if you might be interested - we do have a minimum post and common sense rules along with bio forms and an audition needed... so be aware of that before anything else. For more details, please see the actual group:

    Our Marvel Fan Fic - https://ourmarvelfanfic.groups.io/g/main
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