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  1. Shinki

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    My first wish is to be unbanned from the Guilty Pleasures RP Forum/Site and actually forgiven for my supposed "Spam" that caused me to be banned which of course I can't do because Pink the site's owner is rarely online here on RPGfix and due to how GP has set up their banning system I cannot contact her because GP constantly give me the error you have been banned please contact the admin if you feel this is incorrect even though I can't.

    My second wish is to snuggle the cute gals here nya!"
  2. SithLordOfSnark

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    Find her on RPG-D. As far as I know, she's actually active over there.
  3. Shinki

    Shinki Newcomer

    Ya unfortunately I cannot post in Directory yet plus I haven't seen Pink online at least it says so on her profile since October of this year