Why did you close your RPG?

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Why did you close your RPG?

  1. Technical problems I could not fix.

    7 vote(s)
  2. I lost interest in the plot.

    12 vote(s)
  3. Members left and the board was inactive.

    25 vote(s)
  4. There was some kind of drama and it was too much to deal with.

    13 vote(s)
  5. I didn't have the time to operate the board anymore.

    17 vote(s)
  6. There were issues with the staff.

    9 vote(s)
  7. We were attracting the wrong kind of roleplayer.

    7 vote(s)
  8. Other.

    13 vote(s)
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  1. Invisie

    Invisie internet forever Curator

    I might write a blog post for Forum Roleplay about RPG closings, and I was wondering if I might snatch up some data about why it happened. Thanks!

    • Published data will not be personally identifiable (i.e., I won't use your name or your RPG's name)
    • Feel free to add anything else you might think is relevant.


    So -- why did you close your RPG? Feel free to respond with a comment beyond the poll, and thanks for your input.

    BONUS QUESTION: What did you do with your RPG when you closed it?
    • I set it to maintenance mode, allowing only staff to login.
    • I set it to maintenance mode, allowing anyone with an account to continue logging in.
    • I left it as a "graveyard."
    • I deleted or removed the forum entirely.
    • Other.
  2. Eve

    Eve Resident

    This is a good topic. For me personally, I always ended up closing my forum because my life got in the way. Graduating high school, starting college, college exams, college graduation, starting a job, working way more than I should, trying to start a career I can be happy with, family, relationships... the list goes on. It's always been a "me" problem and nothing wrong with the forum itself. When I closed my forums, I set them to maintenance mode and let people in to collect their character profiles, save memorable threads, and do whatever they needed to do before I deleted the forum entirely after a few weeks. Unless I planned on reopening it, there really was no point to leaving it up.
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  3. Copycat

    Copycat Newcomer Game Owner

    I never send a site to Maintenance mode, since the users should probably be able to get things off of it, as well as the chance that it may attract new people if I get the time to go back to it. So I guess the "Graveyard" is what mine sits at when they don't take off, or they grind to a halt.

    It's kind of nice now, because I've really been able to dig around my roleplay sites and find what was and wasn't working. So a lot of things have changed, but they're looking better than ever!
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  4. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    Better topic name: RPG SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

    It's hard to remember all of the games I've had a part in. :x

    Angel Valley and Blood Wolf Bay died because our central home (Sinlahekin) exploded. It was freely-hosted (BeSeen), and when they closed down, we didn't have a place to go anymore. People have tried to revive it multiple times over the years, but we failed pretty hard.

    TigerDragons died with Geocities.

    Rogue Forest died with Homestead and InsideTheWeb boards.

    Aspros Xiro died because of another free host explosion.

    Seize the Night ultimately died because of Neopets' poor implementation of their guilds. It was next to impossible to manage hundreds of ridiculously active members. Such was the love of that though, that it's been revived by former members multiple times throughout the years.

    Black Shuck (the original incarnation) died because I lost my co-admins due to e-drama. You know you how it can get when people try to fake their own deaths. ;)

    What this made me realize was that you will not be able to find a trace of my old games. They were wiped from the internet long-long ago. Such is the problem with free services. :( Not even archive.org has all of the records. So no graveyards for me. However, I still have some screenshots!
  5. I never really closed an rpg.

    The first one was spread over 2 boards, really. We had multiple stories going on on the second board, which just faded away without being 'closed'. The board itself was still active, because we did more than just write stories.
  6. Kitsufox
    Caffeine Fix

    Kitsufox Resident Game Owner

    Angel Valley, how I miss thee. It was fun, though the end of Sinlah ended a lot of packs. Iversia, Do you know I still hang out with Catta/Castlemew?
  7. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    @Kitsufox <3 You were my first alpha. Poor Sinlah. I'll always miss AgV. Although come to think of it, it was through it that you introduced me to FTP (via WS_FTP) and the wonders of file systems. :D Look at me now, all fancy with deployment systems, rsync and git/hg.

    Yes! I still harass Dani lovingly on occasion via Facebook. :) I've helped her out with some LGBT resources before (well, mostly trans resources as I'm rather knowledgeable there). Other than her, the only other person I'm in semi-frequent contact from those days is Makavelli/Noct/Emily. Although other people pop up from time to time.
  8. Kitsufox
    Caffeine Fix

    Kitsufox Resident Game Owner

    @Inversia Can you believe how far we've come? From the days of Homestead WSYWIG to now, where we're both professionals working on the web! The world is insane. For me I mostly just see the you and Dani. You should prod me on Facebook ;)
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  9. Funny thing. I actually went back to the old suddenlaunch forum this evening :) It's still there, suddenlaunch still does forums!
  10. Lady B

    Lady B Guest

    I haven't closed one in a while. I still keep a few just in case in hiatus on Yahoogroups. But most... because no one showed up any more. Generally became inactive. Sad really. And it's a constant plague to online RP stories.

    ~Lady B
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  11. Elena

    Elena Resident Game Owner

    The RPG I am talking about wasn't actually mine. I had been a moderator, then, when the administrators lost interest, me and another girl were promoted as administrators. But she found a demanding job... and like in the story with ten little negro boys... there remained one.

    But at least we ended our story (yes, all three ships apotheotically sunk - it was up to each character who survived and who didn't, and who survived... it was another story, an unwritten one). And we put a closure message.

    What did I do with it? I don't agree with the term "graveyard". It is a story. It was written online, two years, and it is normal to remain online, for everyone to read.
  12. I've closed... three, I think. One, I just didn't have time and the staff and members slowly just faded off. The second one was more or less the same story... the third one, I had real life crisis happen and by the time I could get back to it... I just didn't want to revisit anything that reminded me of that time and sadly the game in question did so I talked with the other staff and we agreed to just let it lie. The first two games are still viewable, a sort of silent tribute and the third one I think the domain expired or something.
  13. Invisie

    Invisie internet forever Curator

    Thanks for the replies! I'm not going to count my own answers in the survey (I've not voted in the poll either) because they are so old, I am pretty much speculating. x_x

    I inherited Grawl from someone else, and through a revamp and everything, it fell inactive with only a couple of members. The godawful (?) skin I put on couldn't have helped much. 2003 or 2004.

    I started Caged with a RL friend and I think we got into a tiff? Either that, or we both neglected it -- and it fell inactive. It was super heavy maintenance and "closed" to the public. Everyone could see what was going on, but there was a limited number of slots for playable characters -- more were to be slowly introduced as characters escaped a facility or were born or whatever. I think the maintenance probably would have done that one in anyway!
  14. Meushell

    Meushell Resident Game Owner

    When I close a roleplay, it's always a combination of me losing interest and lack of activity. I wouldn't want to close if someone is still there and trying. With them, I can find something fun to do, and perhaps renew my interest. However, if there is no one left to stay for, and I lost interest, then there is no reason for the roleplay to keep going.

    The first one was a chat roleplay, and there was no site to deal with. Everything was in e-mail or on my computer. I kept what I felt was important, for my own sake. Beyond that, I don't know what the others did.

    With the second, we suffered from the whole issue with AvidGames, AcornRack, then Spleafnet. Honestly, by the time we closed, we had very little to show for all those years. :mad: We had ended up going to another multi-roleplay site, so what was there was archived.
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  15. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    My heart always breaks a little whenever I remember all of the communities that were obliterated because of AvidGamers/etc. Only a handful really appeared to have survive that. :(
  16. Meushell

    Meushell Resident Game Owner

    Yeah. Though it is a joy to see a site that I recognize from there. There are probably (hopefully) more out there that I don't recognize.
  17. My first board had trouble getting off the ground as my coder was a little bit of a slacker and whenever I'd ask for her help, she'd promise she'd do it and then a month later she wouldn't have even started on it. I tried to learn a bit of code to get everything done but her skills were way beyond mine and I couldn't figure out what she had done so it was hard for me to try and continue on with that. She had these big plans of grandeur for the site and what she would do, interactive map and stuff like that but in the end it all fell through and I just said forget it and closed it up, let the hosting lapse and just let it fade.
  18. Kitsufox
    Caffeine Fix

    Kitsufox Resident Game Owner

    Coder Skill Levels are part of why I went with Mediawiki for CoSC's current incarnation. The coding is less complicated and much more frontend oriented using the Mediawiki Coding methods. It's a really underutilized software.
  19. wickedleaf

    wickedleaf Newcomer

    I voted "Members left" and "Other", mainly because I think it was a combination of issues.

    Ruins of Fenris (Wolf RPG) — closed 10+ years ago — I closed because I just didn't have the time/interest to maintain it anymore, and IIRC, it was struggling to survive anyway. It's a shame because it could have been really awesome; it was heavily Norse-based and we were talking about introducing shamanism and minor shifting.

    Wolf! — closed in 2007 — ... the original, hah. I ran this in 2007 when I first went to college, and it was really "innovative" in terms of forum features. A now-ex boyfriend did most of the coding to make those features happened, and was my co-admin. I broke up with him and the board was closed.

    Wyldernis — closed May? 2013 — This was pretty recent, and was meant to be Wolf! version two. It was the first time in a VERY long time that I tried to create/admin a game on my own, and while I think I had some good ideas, they ultimately failed. I really wanted it to be open and player created, but there didn't seem to be a whole lot of interest in that. I also let myself get caught up in some pointless drama (and probably exasperated said drama), and it sort of ruined my interest. ALSO, I think my plans for it were too large/lofty to really start with. It was slowly being abandoned by members, felt really unfinished (because the world building just wasn't happening/working), and it just felt like time to pull the plug. It was a good learning experience either way, and I feel really good about the game I'm currently running. :)

    I should also mention that when I really felt like I couldn't run Wyldernis any longer, I did try to give it to others to manage... but nothing really came of that, and since I was still in charge of hosting & costs it just was time to get rid of it.
  20. Calico

    Calico Newcomer

    I closed my site due to my own lack of time - and money. I had run my site on a paid host (Ipb) for five years - and that meant five years of paying monthly for the site to stay ad-free and having awesome tech support. When I was able to do that, it ran swimmingly, I had tech support and help with things that I couldn't understand because I was no genius about running a forum and working all the coding.

    Then, they got more technical, advanced their board and I was less and less able to keep up with it due to time, and eventually money. Paying per month for a site when you can barely feed yourself is stupid - no matter how much you love it - and even though I had some members chipping in from time to time, I couldn't.

    So I switched to a free site. And lost half my memberbase in the shuffle - they not happy about losing their archives even though I gave them two-three months of notice to back up their stuff if they wanted - even offering to help.

    Then I realized, even with the free site, I couldn't do it on my own, as I had been the solo admin for a few years by then. I just didn't have the time to put all the work into a site by myself. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that if a site is to be active, the staff has to be the most active, and when you're the only staff and have no one else to be active with you and share plots and whatnot . . .

    So I closed the site. I left it in maintenance mode so that I could put a notice up as to why since I felt my members deserved that. I had three members contact me after that, apologizing for their own inactivity and wanting me to let them know if I ever opened a site up again. That was kind of nice. ^^

    But yeah, lack of time and money. Really, that site had been originally a joint venture between myself and my husband - and then when he left the site (not ME, just the site - got bored with it), it wound up being me and a good friend of mine, and when she left the site due to irl issues including lack of internets because of lack of money irl - me as a solo admin could only do so much.