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Character Wanted When we were just friends (jcink+)

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by Eerie, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Eerie

    Eerie Newcomer Game Owner


    OPEN NAME. 26-30. Suggested PB: Chris Wood

    Romantic character Idea for Amalia Dalton. This character has been in and out of the Daltons life for a while, as a fellow hunter they run into each other a lot on the road for jobs etc. He would be good friends with Jacob Dalton and James Dalton, and I'm thinking he and Lia have had a flirty relationship for a while but given how overprotective the Dalton boys are nothing ever happened there.
    Now, she's out looking for James with Jake and they would both be more distracted, she'd have a bit more freedom and I think it would be fun to have them run into each other and actually start a secret relationship behind her brother's backs. That would eventually come out and cause new drama.

    He could also be gifted, or potentially have just turned like werewolf or something like that. could add extra drama.

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  2. Eerie

    Eerie Newcomer Game Owner

    updated/still needed
  3. Eerie

    Eerie Newcomer Game Owner

    still needed!!