When is the right time to recruit staff?

Discussion in 'Management' started by Shriker, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Shriker

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    Many games start out with overly large admin and moderation teams. Is it the current trend to recruit staff members before your site has a chance to become established?

    Do you ever end up recruiting people who actively approach you to help moderate your forum?

    Do you recruit from your existing player-base, or rely on ads posted on directories/help sites to find the right people for the job?
  2. Archivist

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    I recruit from within- keeping an eye on the members and their levels of participation. When there's a need, I ask. If someone should come to me and asks- (which would be nice) if they're a good fit - ( read as, not a trouble maker OOC)- then we talk about what the person might be able to bring to the site.
  3. Death Kitten

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    I definitely prefer to recruit from within. It lets me get to know them before entrusting my site to their care. I also need to know that I can get along with them and that they share a similar vision for the game both in and out of character. It's hard to be able to get that feel for people if you're recruiting straight into staff from the outside. It also helps that established members will typically have an existing rapport with the other players.
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  4. Achera

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    I agree with others here and prefer to recruit from within. It helps to know what kind of person they are before giving them any kind of power. You never know how a member will act until they are on the forum so at least with people who are already existing on the forum, I know who I wouldn't mind having on the team and who I would be more wary of. It also allows people to know who they are rather than some random person having more power over a veteran player so the trust isn't really built there.