What's your favorite dog breed?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Sere, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Sere

    Sere Resident Game Owner

    I am a dalmatian girl to the core! What's your favorite breed? ♥
  2. Boneshakers

    Boneshakers Newcomer Game Owner

    German Shepherds all the way! Loyal, loving, adorable.
  3. Oh my gosh--I also love Dalmatians! It's not as common of a pick as one might think. But, I have two of them as pets and they are the sweetest girls.
  4. MeganChan

    MeganChan Resident Game Owner

    Chihuahua for me!
  5. Ottoman

    Ottoman Newcomer Game Owner

    GSDs are a breed I don't know if I can ever pull myself away from owning.
  6. Plato
    Caffeine Fix

    Plato Newcomer Game Owner

    Corgis! <3 They are so sweet!
  7. royal_poet

    royal_poet Newcomer Game Owner

    Irish Setter. The best dogs.
  8. Sprite

    Sprite Newcomer Game Owner

    I like border collies and Labradors. Ironically, my two rescue mutts are both (according to their dna tests) half pit-bull.
  9. NessaXO

    NessaXO Newcomer Game Owner

    Cavachon! I have one and he's lovely~
  10. Corgi's 1000%
  11. Zozma

    Zozma Spider Demon Game Owner

    I know it's probably cliche at this point, but shiba inu! Samoyed and chow. Honestly, I just love dogs with pointy ears and curly tails.
  12. Sivvi

    Sivvi Newcomer

    BLACK RUSSIAN TERRIER.... I discovered this lovely dog when I was randomly searching the web for a dog who is lovable, but aloof. And this dog perfectly is that. A working breed that looks like a MASSIVELY TALL terrier. All black, curly fur, and the beard and face mop. Gorgeous dogs and I have no hope of owning one unless I'd adopt them because puppies are like.... 18-2k? -thoughwolfdogsandeitherthescottishdeerhoundoririshwolfhoundarelovely too.- I like big dogs.
  13. nyxnstyx

    nyxnstyx Newcomer Game Owner

    So I have had a mutt, a border collie, a boxer, another mutt, and a doberman. And I can honestly say I love my doberman and though she has an unending amount of energy...I wouldn't trade her for the world in fact I would entertain another. I love that she is stupid smart and picks up her training at the drop of a hat. She is also the goofiest cuddliest lapdog but nobody gets to see that other than my family and I am so okay with that.
  14. hitokuchiroleplay

    hitokuchiroleplay Newcomer Game Owner

  15. silvyfish

    silvyfish Newcomer Game Owner

    I love poodle mixes, ngl. The curly coat on other dog frames, especially big clompy dogs, delights me.
  16. Pox924

    Pox924 Newcomer

    Standard Poodles! So many of the traits that people love about doodles tend to come from Standard Poodles but everyone dismisses them as 'froofy dogs'. In reality, they're smart, adventurous, loving, and so goofy. Also, they're 'hypoallergenic' so people with allergies tend to do very well with them.
  17. Imagecorrupted

    Imagecorrupted Newcomer Game Owner

    I have to say Pitty. Yes, I know they have a horrible reputation, but honestly, they have such personality and passion. The nanny dog; The protector of its humans and home.
  18. white_sand_empire

    white_sand_empire Newcomer Game Owner

    Foxes. Yeah not dog technically, but in the same family and they are domesticated.
  19. Divia

    Divia Newcomer

    It's a tie between Akita and Belgian Malinois, for me. :dogface:
  20. Johnny

    Johnny Newcomer Game Owner

    Rottweilers, though boxers are close behind