What's poppin' bbs?

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    Hi all, I'm Dabony. My real name is Emily, but I go by Dabony online because it's the fusion of two of my main character's names (Dane and Ebony). I've been roleplaying for a few years, but I only just signed up to this place in the hopes of finding a few other unique roleplays.

    Recently, I've also been trying my hand at creating my own RPs and the likes, so that's been pretty cool.

    Anyway, yeah.... about me... I like games and anime and whatnot, and I love fantasy settings. I've also been getting into coding recently too, but I'm trash at website design lol. I can seem a bit depressed from time to time because I suffer from depression, but I'm trying my best to stay lively!

    It's nice to meet y'all!
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    Hello, Dabony