What Wiki Software do you use, and why you should have a Wiki

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    What software do you use, and why do you use a wiki. Simple questions. I think this is FAR more important for Original Settings, cause Harry Potter has a MASSIVE Wiki and you can just use that. You know? But Wiki's are incredibly useful, but their usefulness is entirely dictated by their ease of use. How easy is it to deal with these problems you know? What problems did you have, and how does your wiki solve the problem?

    See, my community come from a fairly long line of Wiki using websites, and they all used Dokuwiki, where my website uses a thing called VaultWiki, and let me tell you, if you are running a Xenforo or VB website, VaultWiki is the way to go.

    So, the first thing that is super important, to me, is the ease of use for the end user. Now, don't get me wrong, Vault Wiki is a fucking nightmare for the one in charge of making it all work in the beginning, but once you have it set up, it's set up. You don't need to do much else to it, and the developer is constantly looking at adding things in to make our lives easier, so that's really good.

    The Wiki is fully integrated into Xenforo. They are one in the same place, and they share EVERYTHING. Theme, text editor, any threads you make on the forum with the title of the Wikipage will show up as a discussion, it's fantastic. You can even comment on Wikipages directly. That is a feature I adore.

    Autolinks. Have you ever been reading a post on a roleplay website, and you see something you don't know what it is? Just some random word, thrown in a post like you are supposed to know what it is? So now you have to go asking people what it is, or maybe just go wandering around the wiki in the hopes of finding it? NOT WITH VAULT WIKI! Naaaah, Vault Wiki is a bro. While you are writing a post, if any of the words you write are the title of a Wiki Page, then it will immediately hotlink that word, to the corrilated page. No added work on any side, the software does it all.

    Multiple names a page can be known as? That's also fine! Just add in some Synonyms to the page. Just keep in mind, You can't have the same word for multiple pages, so keep your Synonyms unique and specific. Honestly, that ability on it's own makes it worth it cause of the SEO boost from the fact people will keep linking the pages over and over just by roleplay on the website. AND IT ONLY LINKS ONCE PER POST! Which means you're not getting spammed with linked words XD

    IT's amazing. What do you guys use and what do you find amazing about it?
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