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Interest Check What sounds like the easiest setting to get into?

Discussion in 'Interest Check' started by Gota, Apr 30, 2019.


What sounds like the easiest setting to get into?

  1. A still expanding empire where the focus lies on being part of it, not fighting it

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  2. A newly created country, mostly dependent on what characters do

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  3. A militaristic great power with a surprising high focus on entertainment and tourism

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  4. Modern monarchy with a focus on science and quarreling heirs to the throne

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  5. A city-state of mercenaries that offer their services world-wide

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  1. Gota

    Gota Newcomer Game Owner

    We are currently going with the empire option but it looks like nobody has any interest in the Empire and doesn't care too much about it. Do players just not care about intricate politics in the first place?