What RPG extras do you like to use?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by turnpages, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. turnpages

    turnpages Newcomer Game Owner

    By RPG extras, I mean sections on your board for character development, plotters, trackers, playlists, OOTD, cells, social media, etc? Basically stuff outside of the usual thread IC forums. Are there any particular extras you love to use or like to see on board?

    Traditionally I would only use a tracker and plotter (aka shipper) but lately I've started branching out into using the character development sections & cells/text posts for fun.
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  2. Corinthian

    Corinthian Newcomer Game Owner

    We have private player development fora so the player can keep track of whatever they like, and also have a place to talk to the mods privately about whatever they choose. It's easier than PMs and more transparent.

    As for board extras, we do have letters, publications, and rumors, all of which can be quite fun.
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  3. Chay

    Chay Newcomer Game Owner

    I really like to see plotters and thread trackers. I like to know as much about a character as I can, and I like to stay organized!
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  4. Lure Master

    Lure Master Resident Game Owner

    I don't use extra's. I like it when a member develops their character throughout the role play thread(s). I do have a forum dedicated for character journals members can use to keep track of their characters thoughts and actions from before they found their way to their first adventure on my site and for current adventures they are participating in. Good for insights on why members characters act or think the way they do.
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  5. Alandree

    Alandree Newcomer Game Owner

    I make a plotter these days, which combines with a shipper I guess. I don't really list shipper stuff anymore though like 'lovers, friends, enemies' etc. I also have a place on my forum for IC letters and diaries and all that kind of thing. Those are fun. I really should add some thread tracking now that this thread's reminded me of the concept!
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  6. LunaDeSangre

    LunaDeSangre Newcomer Game Owner

    We have plotters available and then other forums for journals, messages, etc. We try to give everyone what they might need to develop their character. We don't make using those things a requirement, however. Just really an added resource.
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  7. Hellion

    Hellion Fresh Blood

    We have areas to do thread trackers and in-character journals although these extras are under-used on our board currently. One goodie that we're developing is a 'unlockables' element where posting and other participation will gain members points (we call them dominion) to spend in the store. The store will have a couple different exploration areas that tie into the theme of the board. If members spend points and collect all the items for that area, they are awarded an unlockable, such as rare races, titles, and locations. I am crossing my fingers that it turns out to be fun and encourages members to participate.
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  8. VodkaSlushy

    VodkaSlushy Newcomer

    Maybe I'm old school, but I've always developed relationships purely IC. Never used any of the extra stuff.
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  9. Elena

    Elena Resident Game Owner

    The journals and newspaper articles and rumours and many other things are also IC, because they refer to the characters and are as if they were written by characters for characters.
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  10. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    We have boards where we discuss plots; boards for technology and races. Other boards for development of tech; maps, layout of players areas and things like that.

    Then to keep everyone with something else to do while they're waiting for posts, we have a whole bunch of off topic boards and threads; fandom, arts, writing fun and games.
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  11. Cynadea

    Cynadea Newcomer Game Owner

    plotting board, so that I can get input from my players whenever I run a guided plot for a small (6-7 characters) group. I like to keep a thread tracker when there's a lot of thread-hopping involved. Other than that, I tend to stick to software that has a bookmark-style addon, so I keep all my active threads there to keep track of where I need to answer...
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  12. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    And she is damned good at it to :D
  13. unfairest

    unfairest Newcomer Game Owner

    I usually combine application/shipper, and love to have developmental stuff elsewhere, whether it's images, surveys, or something else.
  14. Verridith

    Verridith QUEEN of GOLD !! Game Owner

    I like to let my members play with character journals, a multimedia section (for character stories, art, coding, etc), and a planning/plotting section. We don't have shipper apps, but our buddy search, thread tracker, and wanted ad sections serve the same purpose, as well, if they want to keep track of relationships and threads and such. <3
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  15. Ferret

    Ferret Newcomer Game Owner

    I am accustomed to and have built my site to include a plotting forum, a forum for extra character information, and a forum for art and art related requests / gifts. I roleplay on a werewolf site that uses a texting / phone call forum which is pretty neat for leading into threads and such. :)
  16. TheDarkHour

    TheDarkHour Newcomer

    We use optional journals, and character connection like rp text messages.
  17. musewithme

    musewithme Newcomer Game Owner

    I like having a personal development board to play in. That, and plotters. Otherwise, I don't use many extras.
  18. ScottRyder

    ScottRyder Newcomer Game Owner

    Personal development board for sure! I love writing down little quirks and things about my characters.
  19. FriedKilamari

    FriedKilamari Newcomer Game Owner

    I don't use a lot of bells and whistles myself, but in the past I've found myself enjoying thread trackers, character journals, and wanted ads!

    A few days ago, in a discord chat, I came across an admin who needed help reading through a guide on setting up personal cboxes to be used as character cell phones. This is such a great idea for modern sites, and if I ever join or create another modern site, I'll definitely do that!
  20. thewanderer2156

    thewanderer2156 Newcomer Game Owner

    Plotters and trackers!