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Discussion in 'Game News & Discussions' started by Gina, Nov 7, 2016.

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  2. What Lies We Breathe is moving full steam ahead! We've got some dirty cops coming into the game to stir up trouble and Weres that are struggling to keep who and what they are a secret. If you're looking for a stellar and active group of people to write with, WLWB is absolutely where you want to be!

    Some fun numbers! Between when we opened and today (Oct 20 - Nov 28), our members have:
    tripled the number of accounts (29 → 91)
    tripled the number of threads (67 → 229)
    quadrupled the amount of posts made (242 → 1,006)
  3. It's been a while since we've updated here but WLWB is still going strong! We've got quite a few things in the works right now and this next month is going to bring a lot of fun events to the site! Our community is wonderfully fun and engaging, so if you're looking for somewhere to not only have fun writing but to make friends at too, please come join us!

    Some quick numbers! From our last update and today (Nov 28 - June 18), our members have:
    → over doubled the number of accounts (91 → 253)
    → quintupled the number of threads (229 → 1,192)
    → blown the post count out of the water (1,006 → 9,631)

    WLWB is proud to boast a fantastic community that welcomes new members with open arms. Not only that but we average 1,000+ per month. Despite the posting rate, we are completely accepting of any and everyone's posting style and speed, so come join us and have lots of fun!

  4. V-Vampires?!

    “All of this follows camera footage captured by a Brooklyn teen of what appears to be these Vampires ...” She hesitated on her notes, seemingly flustered as she looked back up. ”Feeding off a group of people who seemingly did nothing to provoke their attackers. We've acquired this cell phone video and we're going to roll a clip of it. Please be warned, what you're about to see may be disturbing for some viewers.”

    The footage from the darkened street, grainy it seemed as two figures turned the corner and honed in on a seemingly rowdy and (probably) inebriated group of four figures. The couple's fingers and nails, in turn, lengthened into sharp points. Hunched over and impossibly fast as they moved on the group who stilled in a moment of frozen shock, their screams muffled through the glass of the window as the footage went shaky when one assailant grabbed hold of one of the women and lunged at their throat. The other off to the side and unnaturally fast as they pushed a second girl who attempted to run down and onto the pavement. Bleeping as the person behind the phone let out a string of curses as the attackers on the street below seemed to open their mouths impossibly wide. The screaming fading out to nothing as the phone dropped and they cut back to the bleach blonde on the street corner.

    “At this time we're waiting, like everyone else, to secure an interview with Mr. Maldonado. We would like to remind everyone that this story is still developing, Stan. Police and first responders ask that everyone remain calm and exercise good judgment while this story continues to develop, back to you Stan ...”

    A new species has been introduced to What Lies We Breathe! Forget what you think you know about Vampires. The Vampires on WLWB are a special breed designed specifically for this game. Read more about them here.

    In other news, our members have made 2,000+ posts in just over a month. Since our last update, the counts are as follows!

    June 18 - July 28:
    → accounts: (253 → 341)
    → threads (1,192 → 1,500)
    overall posts (9,631 → 11,795)

    WLWB is proud to boast a fantastic community that welcomes new members with open arms. Please, come join us as our members explore and expand our world and lore!

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  8. Just a comment

    I liked the ad on here, but when visiting the site I changed my mind of joining due to the body of the forum. How things are arranged for the OOC, and Rp section while looking at it from the front page.

    The two looked bunched together, and I couldn't tell what was what.
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