What is your favourite (2D) digital art program?

Discussion in 'Creativity Station' started by Shriker, Feb 18, 2016.


What is your favourite (2D) digital art program?

  1. Gimp

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  2. Inkscape

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  3. Krita

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  4. Clip Studio Paint / Manga Studio

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  5. Paint Tool SAI

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  6. Microsoft Paint

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  7. PyxelEdit

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  8. Adobe Illustrator

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  9. Adobe Photoshop

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  10. Other

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  1. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    Let me know, and tell me what it is that you like about them!

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  2. Death Kitten

    Death Kitten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Game Owner

    I'm a long time Linux user (going on 12 years with some flavor of it as my primary OS) and gimp is native and works pretty good. I've had to learn a few things the round about way because friends, coworkers, and online tutorials all focus on Adobe's product line.

    I would love to get better with Inkscape, but it keeps crashing when I try to adjust a logo I paid a friend to make a vector file of for me. Hopefully that'll clear up when I finally upgrade my computer.
  3. Kitsufox
    Caffeine Fix

    Kitsufox Resident Game Owner

    I'm torn, I voted Illustrator, because for straight up art and not just banners I use it all the time. I'm not great at drawing without a reference, but my pencil work leaves something to be desired, so I get the best results with illustrator.
  4. Star Army

    Star Army Resident Game Owner

    Good old Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.04 (for editing), and FireAlpaca (for painting).
  5. Ruin

    Ruin Resident Game Owner

    Mine would have to be Paint Tool Sai because it's the only one I've ever used. Photoshop looks terrifying with all those buttons and settings and things.
  6. Demicafatali

    Demicafatali Resident Game Owner

    I actually use Manga Studio EX for my line work and then export it as a PSD to color in photoshop.
  7. Rumham

    Rumham Newcomer

    Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint is absolutely fantastic if you have a lineart style. I haven't explored its painting options much just because that's not really in my comfort zone right now, but I have seen some really beautiful paint-style works come out of it.

    What I love about it is that you can save so much time coloring lineart with the smart fill tool. It's always been much more responsive than Photoshop and doesn't leave that awkward white aura around things that you fill in. The stabilization correction for lineart is really great too, and the brush options are great. Plus, I think it's been the easiest art program to learn so far. There are a lot of really great, really easy-to-follow guides on youtube that can teach you the essentials of the program pretty quickly. Best part: The software goes on sale all the time. You can get this program for like $25 about 4 times per year, around the usual sale times: Black Friday, Christmas, some time in the spring, and usually a summer sale.
  8. Demicafatali

    Demicafatali Resident Game Owner

    Yeah I love MS as a lining tool, for one thing the correction control on curves makes things look so much smoother!
  9. saintarchangel

    saintarchangel Newcomer Game Owner

    painttool sai is the go-to program for me... i use photoshop sometimes for fancier effects, but otherwise ive really grown to love sai. it feels natural!
  10. Archivist

    Archivist Resident Game Owner

    Macromedia MX Fireworks. I've only recently been introduced to GIMP. I haven't really worked with it because I'm accustomed to FW. However, I do like that it's free.
  11. Achera

    Achera Newcomer

    I've been using Photoshop for over 7+ years so I kinda have to vote for it. It offers a lot of different brush options that help the process go a lot quicker, plus some amazing plug-ins. I just got a brush organizer so I can separate them by what i use them for and a plugin that changes a palette to offer highlights and shadows whenever you click on a color. There are just so many amazing things that you can do with it from drawing to graphics that I really can't not vote for it!
  12. Tenebris

    Tenebris Newcomer Game Owner

    I've been a long time user of Paint Shop Pro (previously made by JASC and now Corel). While not nearly as amazing as Adobe Photoshop, it does everything I need it to do, which is mostly basic picture editing (filters, layers, artistic effects, etc.)
  13. RP Collective

    RP Collective Resident Game Owner

    I primarily just use GIMP because it's free.
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  14. SalyaDarken
    Anime Lover

    SalyaDarken Newcomer Game Owner

    I use Gimp for graphics but SAI for Art. owo
  15. MeganChan

    MeganChan Resident Game Owner

    I personally like Paint Shop Pro. Been using it for years. Also like Photoshop Elements though I use that for drawing mostly.
  16. Sothis

    Sothis Newcomer Game Owner

    The now extinct Adobe Fireworks.
    Although I tend to use Adobe Photoshop for anything that involves fonts or requires advanced effects.
  17. Salya

    Salya Newcomer Game Owner

    I draw in SAI but I use Gimp for graphics. owo
  18. VixarePanda

    VixarePanda Newcomer

    I use Open Canvas 6. It's a cheap alternative to Photoshop and I find it does everything I need it to do, with a simple layout and a bunch of amazing features. I can draw in it, and use it for manips as well.
  19. achromatic

    achromatic Newcomer Game Owner

    I think it depends on what I'm making, but if it's drawing, Procreate is super great for it. If it's just for making banners or things like that, photoshop is definitely my top.
  20. Raza

    Raza Newcomer

    As a former engineer I was fortunate in having experience with a workshop program called One CNC. This drawing package allowed me to create things other than items for my actual job. From there at home I was able to find a free version of the same and from that not only did I design our then new home, but many niche pieces for the various roll plays I've been involved in. Coupled with Photoshop my creativity is only limited by my imagination.