Games What do you think of live streaming services like Twitch?

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Have you ever watched a live stream?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Watch? I stream one myself!

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  1. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    Have any of you ever tuned into some of the more gimmicky live streams? Such as Twitch Plays Pokemon or Fish Play Street Fighter? Have you found them to be entertaining?
  2. Collapsible Myth

    Collapsible Myth Resident Game Owner

    I haven't had the time to sit down and check out the fish streams or the world controlled Pokemon game a few months back. Have the app on my phone but have not opened it to watch any of the normal streams lately.
  3. Ghostling

    Ghostling Newcomer

    I think I watch more livestreams than I do normal television! I seem to always have one tabbed during the day and at night if I can't get Netflix to work properly, I watch one falling asleep.
  4. VirusZero

    VirusZero Resident Game Owner

    I've watched a few streams and I've streamed a bit myself. Though not really a whole lot because I don't have a regular schedule, I'm not the most skilled player (so it's not like I could show off some amazing tricks or anything like that) and I wouldn't likely use a mic because who really cares what I have to say? (I'm certainly no TotalBiscuit.) That and I'm not really comfortable talking to the public. What would I even talk about?
  5. Ghostling

    Ghostling Newcomer

    A lot of streamers interact with their chatters, but if you don't have an active chat its easy just to start explaining what you're doing. Thats what I plan on starting with when I get my stuff to start streaming sometime next year.
  6. I've never been involved with any of those gimmicky streams, but I have watched plenty of live pro tournaments on Twitch and similar, plus a few charity streams by my favourite let's players. I've certainly never streamed anything myself, though. That takes a level of confidence that I am sure I'll never have.
  7. RexDraco

    RexDraco Newcomer

    I stream gaming and art myself. Though some livestreaming sites have so many problems with connectivity, like they whon't stream your content and the problems aren't from your side. Twitch is pretty great but that natural 5mins lag between you and broadcasting can be a bit troublesome.
  8. Twygg

    Twygg Newcomer

    I streamed for a time (playing League of Legends) because I played way too much to not stream. It's a fun experience to stream yourself but.... I don't know. I'd rather watch people that are actually entertainers xD Something about them seems to be that they know what they're doing. And tournaments! Yes! Normal families watch football but here we watch LoL LCS and OGN u_u Sometimes we make a date out of it.

    It's a good way to check out raw reactions of a specific game or to have something running in the background while I clean around the house. Spooky games are my favorite choice at night. Gotta get my FNAF fix.
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  9. I've seen them but I just can't get into it. I'd rather just play myself or read.
  10. Jenn

    Jenn Newcomer

    I do like watching livestreams. It can be fun to find people on webcams while they're gaming and they realize someone's watching them- then you can see them get really self conscious. XD
  11. Hyrule Castle

    Hyrule Castle Newcomer

    I enjoy livestreams, definitely.
  12. Star

    Star Newcomer

    I like the idea, but I haven't actually ever watched any of them.
  13. Jerichi

    Jerichi Newcomer

    I really love watching speedruns. I didn't realize there was a Fish Plays Street Fighter xd
  14. Ammut
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Ammut DTD's Resident Cat Lady Game Owner

    I have tuned into some of them for a few minutes but don't watch them past that. I guess I have a low attention span or something or I just don't like watching people play a game.

    The twitch plays Pokemon was a cool idea, but I got tired of watching Ash run into walls.
  15. Anactoria

    Anactoria Newcomer Game Owner

    I like them a lot. I'm not very good at video games, but there are a lot out there that I think are really cool and like to watch other people play. I'm especially fond of horror game streams.

    That said, I would still rather sit down with a friend and watch them play a game than watch a stranger on the internet play a game.
  16. Rue

    Rue Newcomer

    I really love watching my favorite youtubers stream as they play <3 makes me feel like I am part of their little world when they respond to comments and whatnot.
  17. stickpilgrim

    stickpilgrim Newcomer

    I like them even though they make me lag pretty badly, I have a really bad provider.
  18. Pink

    Pink Shiny Little Diamond

    I really only watch a few streamers, one in particular, it's a nice break from reality plus depending on the streamer, the community is nice :)
  19. RaWolfe

    RaWolfe Resident Game Owner

    I don't really watch other livestreams , but I do host them in Google hangout with my write community :) it's fun and easy
  20. Ranuu

    Ranuu Newcomer

    Livestreams are a lot of fun. I've streamed myself (I actually have a youtube LP channel), and there's nothing like the feeling of interacting with people who genuinely enjoy watching you play a game.

    While I personally don't enjoy the gimmicky streams, I've watched a lot of people stream games.
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