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What are your favorite ways to coming up with character names?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Checkerdog, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. I love making characters! But I always find myself struggling to find the perfect name. Does anyone else have this problem? And/or what are your favorite ways to come up with that perfect name?
  2. For me it's a combination of my own inspiration and the ethnicity/culture of the character. I play a lot of different settings from fantasy to sci-fi and most of these settings have alien/fantasy races. I like taking parts of names that exist and add something to them. My current characters last name is Brot, mainly because I saw that his species in star trek has the last name Brot'la in some canon and I thought it was a good way to slap my stamp on it while not straying to far away.

    For human characters I mostly just google the most common names in countries with a major ethnic population or culture that corresponds with my character.
  3. I have this weird OCD like thing where I struggle with having characters who's name start with the same letter... like... I can't have an Alice and an Andrew... so I cross letters off my list as I make characters.

    I mostly use baby name genie and behind the name for inspiration. Although the former can be a bit 'out there' with the suggestions. Anyone would think it wanted the whole world the be called Phoenix Destiny or something hahaha
  4. I take into account the character's ethnicity and time period, first of all, because there are names which in the 18-th century were for men (Ashley, Jocelyn, Vivian, Meredith, Aubrey, Leslie, Sidney etc) and now they are for women. Also there are names unheard of in certain periods. Sometimes I come right away with the name, sometimes I need a names' list. More often the surname is taken from a list than the given name.
  5. I use the random renamer on Behind the Name. LOL

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