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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Aquarius, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Heyo you guys! My name is Aquarius however nicknames such as Aqua, AQ etc is all fine with me! I have been role-playing for years however only in forums for about 3+ years

    I love to draw on my spare time along with writing stories as well, I do a bit of graphic design but I still have a long way to go.

    I'm an anime geek, I like to do track as I've been doing it for most of my life and I'm also an SU fan as well, gottah love the gemsonas my friends!

    Glad to be here!
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  2. Hey Aqua, nice to meet ya. Welcome to the Fix
  3. Welcome to Fix, Aqua! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!
  4. AQUAAAA Welcome to the party <3
  5. AQUA MY BABE <3 Awwww you're using the image I made you I'm so proud ;~;
  6. Hey Aqua, welcome to RPG Fix :)
  7. Welcome to the Fix, Aqua! You'll find some amazing people here, and quite the community to boot! Join us on the Discord, too, we all kinda hang out there and level up.
  8. OMG BABE! HEYY! -hugs my friend | I finally joined tooo. We're in this together <333
  9. Hello, lovelies!

    My name is Mandie. I'm 38, mother of corgis and gamer extraordinaire. ENFP, Cancer, Iowa native and ...I like chocolate milk? I am a purveyor of anime, a bit of a grammar nazi, and lover of tiny houses. My little dog Diddams is my everything, she is the best little dog.
  10. Hello and warm greetings to you Aqua.
  11. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Aqua, welcome to Fix. Hope you enjoy it here xd

  12. Nice to meet you!

    I just joined here, but I have a lot of optimism about it!

    I've been rping for about 10+ years, but I never really liked the forum, I prefer the chatboxes. More personal I guess.

    But to each there own.

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