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    Whoa, hey there! Welcome back to RPGfix! In case you haven’t noticed, there has been some heavy construction happening around these parts. Please feel free to reacquaint (or acquaint) yourself with the new look and feel as the dust continues to settle.

    Returning Members

    Returning members are encouraged to login and fix up their existing game listings. :) If your game has become inactive, you are now also able to mark it as being "defunct" yourself.

    Universal RPG Rating

    RPGfix has fully adopted the Universal RPG Rating System. The Universal RPG Rating system is a way of classifying and categorizing the content in online roleplaying games. It is an opt-in rating, meaning that every game owner who adds it is the one who rates their own content. All site listings on RPGfix have the option of adding a rating to their listings. While adding a rating is not mandatory, it is highly recommended!

    Directory Queue

    The queue is now open! Feel free to submit your sites.

    Directory Listings
    • Basic BBCode formatting is allowed in the synopsis field.
    • You may not have any images or links in the synopsis. You will be unable to submit your listing until you remove them.
    • Site owners have the ability to easily mark their sites as active or defunct/inactive.
    • Add your site's RPG Rating to help attract members.

    Users may now vote for their favourite sites once every 12 hours. Go to your individual site listing page in order to get your topsites link! Registered users at RPGfix cast weighted votes which make your vote score go up even higher.

    Responsive Design

    The latest version of RPGfix is completely responsive. Check it out on your smart phone or tablet. You won’t be disappointed. Seriously, it’s sexy. ;)

    Facebook Integration

    Horrible at remembering passwords? Link your Facebook account to RPGfix and be logged in automatically if you're also logged into Facebook. It can't get much easier than that.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.