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  1. Trixx

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    Oh, hello.

    My name is Ess - I go by Omega or Trixx. I have been roleplaying since around 2007 - I took a three year break for university but I'm back now. I've recently reopened Clash - which was my proboards site from way back when.

    Here are some quickfire facts about little ole' me: I'm turning 24. I have a BA Degree in Art Direction. I live in South Africa. I have a pit bull, a russian blue and an albino corn snake. They are all rescues. I love gaming. I love art and literature. I'm mostly quite introverted.

    That is all I supposed - I don't need to bore you ;]
  2. SithLordOfSnark

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    Howdy Ess and welcome to RPGFix :)
  3. Trixx

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    Why thank you :} Currently working on getting my post count up xD