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Closed Two Vampires / One Hunter

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by grimfox, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. grimfox

    grimfox Resident Game Owner

    LINK TO ORIGINAL AD: http://tempestharbor.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=12490


    NAME: Rosalind Chamberlain
    FC: Madison Beer
    AGE: 33, Appears 18
    SPECIES: Vampire

    Rosalind was always the good child. It wasn’t that either of the Chamberlain sisters were bad, necessarily, but Rosalind set the bar high. She got perfect grades, she did well in all of her extracurricular activities, she had a group of friends that her parents approved of. She was on the right track to do something great with her life.

    Per Juliette’s background, Rosalind convinced their very strict father to let her go to prom, and she never came back. My idea is that James (listed below) had been following the family, keeping tabs on Rosalind and Juliette. He saw potential in them, wanted to turn one of them to work with him under the cover of night and leave the other one human to do what needed to be done while the sun was up. Rosalind, being the older sister, was chosen for the bite.

    He got her on her way home from prom, changed her and took her home to recover. After that they skipped town so that he could get her on her feet and used to what she was. Luckily for her, her parents don’t actually spend a whole lot of time at home anymore. Rosalind and James are back now (with a change of hair color and style, to hopefully avoid anyone who knew her too well) to try to reconnect with Jules, as well as the other supernaturals of Tempest Hollow.

    Rosalind and Jules were very close as children, and likely very protective of each other despite their sibling rivalry. The last time they saw each other was August the year that Rosalind disappeared. Jules was home alone, and Rose took the opportunity to break into her old room late at night to grab some of her things, not expecting Jules to wake up. Hungry and with very little control of her urges, Rose attacked her sister, but ultimately fled when Jules fought back.

    What happened from the time of Rose’s departure to now are open for ideas! If you want to change any of these details, let me know and we’ll see what we can do!



    NAME: James Ricci
    FC: Felix Bujo
    AGE: 150, appears 28
    SPECIES: Vampire

    His history up until his entrance in the Chamberlain’s lives is mostly up to you with some notes, so I’ll go ahead and start at that point. James wasn’t native to Tempest Harbor. He fled there after making enemies with the wrong people, and having left all of his friends and allies behind he decided to begin making his own - literally making them, of course, by turning other people into Vampires to follow him. Unfortunately, he is also very very picky about who he turns, and most people just haven’t quite met his requirements. Rosalind, though? She was perfect.

    James has brought Rosalind back to Tempest Harbor fifteen years after her disappearance to finish his job. He wants not only to gain Rosalind’s sister, Jules, as a human ally, but to get on the good side of the other vampires in town, whether it be through actual friendship or through manipulation.

    How “good” or “bad” he ends up being is really up to the person playing him. Should he come in before Rosalind, we can always say that he came to scout ahead of him. If Rosalind comes first, he will likely be mentioned vaguely in threads until someone takes him. His background and everything else is pretty open, I’m willing to work with you!



    NAME: Erik Avaline
    FC: Gerard Butler
    AGE: 38
    SPECIES: Human [Hunter]

    Erik hasn’t been in the hunting game as long as some others. Twenty years ago, he was a happily married man who knew nothing about the supernatural world. He was a teacher, and repaired cars and bikes on the side. His family wasn’t particularly wealthy, but he and his wife loved their life. It wasn’t until his brother was killed and turned by a vampire that he even knew they existed, and the instant he found out what they were, he began collecting every bit of information he could on them. He and his wife became hunters, working with anyone else they could find to erase the disease of vampirism from the earth. They had perhaps unrealistic goals, and they knew this, but they still worked toward them every day.

    They moved to Tempest Harbor shortly after the death of his brother, having heard that it was a good place to find what they were looking for. Unfortunately for Erik, his wife wasn’t around much longer either, and soon enough both of the most important people in his life were gone. Just five years after they moved, he and his wife were attacked by a hungry fledgling vampire while walking home from a rare night out. Inexperienced and almost feral, the creature named Rosalind (one of his own students, incidentally, who had recently gone missing) accidentally killed his wife.

    He stayed in Tempest Harbor, teaching at the local high school. He kept an eye out for Rosalind, but she appeared to have truly disappeared, so he watched her sister Jules instead. The two got to be fairly close, with him being her favorite teacher - he helped her with her college applications, put in a good word for her with local jobs, etc. He’s aware that she’s surrounded by supernaturals, although he isn’t quite aware to the extent to which that’s true.

    At some point, I would like this to come to a head with him kidnapping Jules to use her as bait to catch her friends/family.

    Erik isn’t a bad person, he’s simply had bad experiences and lost people important to him, and because of it he holds certain prejudices very close to his heart. I could see this plot going in either direction - with him becoming way more involved with hunters, or with him getting to know some of the supernaturals.​
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