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Hiring Staff - Volunteer Two Active Global Mods Needed | JCINK Premium | 18+

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by Clockwork Galaxy, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Clockwork Galaxy

    Clockwork Galaxy Newcomer Game Owner

    Staff Needed: [2] Site Moderators

    • be dependable & active
    • be open-minded & inclusive
    • be friendly & patient
    • be creative & have fun
    • know how to be firm when necessary
    • greet guests & new members in Discord
    • help keep the IC & OOC Areas active
      (play games, respond to welcome threads, create IC plots with new members)
    • basic BBCODE & HTML knowledge is preferred
    • ability to make basic graphics for advertising or want ad purposes is preferred
    • knowledge of how to navigate Tumblr & create Tumblr ads is preferred (or, if none, have a willingness to learn)
    I. Advertising. We would like someone who is very familiar with advertising on Tumblr, and who can respond to RPG Searches on resource sites at least once a month (ideally once a week). Other advertising is covered, and while we'd take additional aid if you'd like to help out with that, as well, Tumblr and RPG Searches should be your priorities. If you'd like to take one,

    II. Graphics. Our Admin has done most of the coding and all graphics for the site, but she's a working student so having help for season change-overs and site updates would be ideal!

    III. Welcoming. All site staff are expected to welcome guests, and new members both on the site and in the Discord server. This includes answering questions, guiding them through the application process, and settling into the site, as a whole.

    IV. Events. We have one to three site-wide events per season. We'd like someone who's willing to suggest ideas that fit into our existing lore, and who will help run and will join in on said events IC.

    IV. Dependability. While we don't expect you to be on 24/7, we would prefer someone who can fit us into their weekly schedule the way that the current members and staff do. We are a fairly relaxed site with no activity checks, and we get that RL takes precedence. However, if you're the sort to disappear regularly, or to get bored with a site after a month or three, this isn't the place for you. That being said, if things do come up, just keep us posted on what's going on, and we'll understand. ^_^

    V. Inclusivity. We have a very diverse group, and we're hoping to find people who will get on well with all of us, both as staff members and as writers. An individual who can work well with everyone, willing to discuss possibilities with

    Ideal Applicant
    We're looking for someone who can fit all of our requirements, and who is comfortable with the responsibilities. You'll be able to be in the Discord as much as possible, preferably at least one Moderator from East Coast USA or UK-based for better site coverage. We have several members both in the USA and in Europe so having better staff coverage would be great.

    We're also looking for someone who loves learning about and adding to site lore. You would be someone who loves plotting and writing, who really enjoys both entering into new plots as well as continuing plots already-in-progress. You would be someone who's dedicated to keeping our site free of drama and cliquiness. We're one year old, and we would really like some help expanding the site and keeping it active both for new members and existing members. The main Admin is a working student and she puts in a great deal of time, but also knows that she can't do it alone.

    If you're interested, please message me via Discord (Clockwork Wanderer#6465) or register an OOC account on the site and PM The Author. We can go from there. If you go the Discord route, please be sure to let me know that you're interesting in being a Kingdom Mod so that I don't ignore you by accident.

    Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day! ^_^