The Prouvaire Family

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    The Prouvaire Family

    The Prouvaire Family, the main staple to Point Bay Institute and the growth of Elmlake Creek, Oregon! Without the Prouvaire, who knows what this land would have become. What is requested here though is the immediate family of the Headmaster.


    father. huband. headmaster. shaman.pb: Daniel Craig.

    Headmaster Prouvaire, a stern but caring man who is a constant face within the community. If his money is not going to the school or his families well being, it is within the community he feels the need to prosper.

    Lathoura Grace Prouvaire
    mother. wife. profession. magi.pb: Famke Janssen.

    STATUS: TAKEN!Profile
    Madame Prouvaire; her family was also one of the many that helped prosper the towns wealth and well-being. She is a proud mother, dedicated wife that is a constant face around the school. The choice of her profession is up to you but even if you do not have her work as a part of the school, you kind of live on it so your face will be well known as Mrs. or Madame Prouvaire.


    daughter. twin. senior. magi.pb: olivia wilde.


    Though a twin to Jean IV, she considers herself the first and holds her head high and mighty over her brother. Sure, the family holidays are filled with laughter and cheers but she is the picture perfect example of a socialite brat. Even more, she hates the family tradition that the male offspring will be headmaster, so she does her best to be better than her brother and make his life a bit miserable (especially when a new girl comes into the school).


    Son. Twin. Senior. Necromancer.pb: Gaspard Ulliel.

    STATUS: TAKEN!Profile
    Jean Dimitri or Dim, is the next in line to become the Headmaster when the time is right. Though Jean does well in school despite his twin sister trying to make his life miserable, he does not want to follow in his fathers footsteps (especially when he is one of the first Necromancers in the family). Still learning his own abilities, a Strigoi Vii transfer named Elanor Aurelie arrives that peaks his interest that will soon help him discover more about himself and his suppressed feelings of attraction (if his twin does not ruin everything).
  2. Mischa

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    Might have a taker on the son
    but very much still open and looking =)
  3. Mischa

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    All characters at this moment are still open for takers =)
  4. Mischa

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    All characters are still open!

    Edit: The headmaster son has been filled! Mother & Daughter are still open!
    Edit: Mother/Wife has been claimed. Daughter still available.
  5. Mischa

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    Daughter is still available.
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