the prince's son, a quiet knight...

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  1. The game is: Mature (18+), AU Medieval in an original world.

    GARRETT VELLFYRE - 30. Garrett's quiet. In fact he's probably the quietest Vellfyre of them all and he's often overlooked because of it. His family tend to disregard him because wait, oh, there you are Garrett. Sorry, did you say something...? His milkname was Puppy and that's pretty much how they think of him, never mind that the has proven himself in battle, and shown he can handle adversity both during the Volorro riots of 1M and in captivity after the White Maid was captured in 6M. He is wed to Zanara Solvitreo- it was after their wedding that the pirates attacked and the two have struggled to find some kind of balance. Previous Bio.
    Suggested PB's: Charlie Hunnam, Mike Vogel, Chris Pine (He just needs to be blond, you don't have to keep the original pb or even use any of these suggestions)

    He's the eldest son of the heir apparent to the throne, so... uh, we would really like to have him again. If you're at all interested in adopting him, there will be many cookies and much joy. His wife, father, cousins and company are still played so he's got tons of interaction and plot-influencing potential. You can PM me here or just poke around the forum: Edolon: A Tournament of Shadows.
  2. still looking!!
  3. still looking! We have a bunch of other canons (especially males but quite a few females as well) we could really use around. :)
  4. Sorry, he's taken! This can be archived now. :)