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Closed Teenage Runaways, Jcink Supernatural RP

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by grimfox, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. grimfox

    grimfox Resident Game Owner

    Site Info: Follow Me Down (http://followmedownrp.jcink.net/index.php?) is a modern supernatural Jcink Premium site with Humans, Hunters, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Sirens, Shades, Kitsune, and potentially more species coming in the future. We are a friendly, welcoming site for people of all writing levels. The site is set in the small fictional town of Crescent Ridge, Colorado.

    Ad Info: The Lost Boys (http://followmedownrp.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=278) got their name because they live in an abandoned theater called the Neverland Theater - called Neverland because Peter Pan was the first show that the theater company who built the theater ever did. They are well aware of how campy their name is, and The Lost Boys absolutely love it. Run by Jules and Stapler, they are a ragtag group of teenagers, most of whom are runaways for some reason or another. The group is close, although there are definitely spats and disagreements here and there. They're a family.

    Contact: You can contact me by replying here or finding me on the site! I'm Grim :)

    Characters Already in Play:
    - Juliette Ward, Witch, "Peter Pan" (leader)
    - Stapler Malinche, Witch, "Tinkerbell" (second in command)
    - Oliver Deforest, Witch
    - Carolina Thompson, Werewolf
    - Sterling De Barra, Human (secretly a hunter)
    - Pip, Vampire
    - Makenna Murphey, Werewolf
    - Several adults that have been adopted as associates
    (So what I'm saying here is that there are a lot of us to play with! So you'll definitely get plots. :) )

    Characters Needed:

    Ethan, 17, Vampire, PB Quinn Lord
    Ethan was turned into a vampire by the leader of one of the larger Vampire groups around, The Blood Brothers. Addison Kinsley killed Ethan's parents, then on a whim decided to turn him. Addison decided that he liked having the boy around, and that was that… Except for the fact that he wasn’t expecting Ethan to be quite so elusive. As soon as Ethan got the chance he ran, and he’s been dodging the other vampires ever since. He has been staying at the theater, where Jules and Stapler have been helping to hide him from The Blood Brothers.

    Roman, 16, Shade, PB Jaden Smith
    (Background Information: Nobody knows how Shades were made, and they essentially have amnesia. More info provided on the site.)

    Roman doesn’t exactly know his story. He doesn’t know if he has a family, doesn’t know where he came from or how he came to be. He remembers precisely three months of his life up until this point, and everything past that is a giant question mark. Jules was the first person he met, and they bonded over a Hunter attack. He’s sometimes quiet, but very protective of his chosen family and tends to stick close by them when he can. Because he can literally become a shadow, Roman is very good at getting information, which makes him especially useful to Jules and Stapler.

    Thomas, 18, Witch, PB Ezra Miller
    Thomas, the elder of the twins, is a sly and devious guy. Most of the time, he means no harm, but he very much enjoys playing jokes and tricking people… Something he’s not above using his mental magic to do. He coasted through school by being a highly advanced witch for his age, “convincing” teachers to change his grades. The problem was always that he preferred to look things up on his own as he saw fit, and he didn’t enjoy a structured learning environment. However, Thomas is unbelievably bright. There aren’t many puzzles or problems he can’t figure out somehow, if he actually wants to do so. He and Nathaniel ran away after realizing that for the first time in the foster care system, they were going to be split up.

    Nathaniel, 18, Witch, PB Ezra Miller
    Nathaniel is younger than Thomas by just a few moments, but he tends to be viewed as the mature one. Although he will definitely joke around with his brother, he is also the one who generally keeps things reigned in to a reasonable level. When Thomas goes too far and someone gets hurt from one of his jokes, it’s usually because Nathaniel isn’t around to be the voice of reason. Nathaniel isn’t the biggest fan of structure, but he’s got more self-control so he doesn’t feel the need to rebel against systems or authority so long as they aren’t being abused. He is a genuine sweetheart who simply wants to see the people around him be happy. He is every bit as smart of his brother, but whereas Thomas enjoys puzzles and wit, Nathaniel enjoys planning and organizing.

    Lyss, 17, Kitsune, PB Sabrina Carpenter
    Alyssa, usually called “Lyss” is a young Kitsune who was changed recently. Her parents were always fairly traditional, and the idea of raising a moody teenager who regularly set things on fire by accident or played pranks on the adults in the house caused a lot of strife in the house. Eventually, tired of being at the center of arguments and fights, she left. She and Jules befriended each other over a few “harmless” tricks played to get them out of a spot of trouble with hunters, and shortly after, Lyss was invited to stay at the Theater with the Lost Boys.

    Izzy, 18, Witch, PB Amandla Stenberg
    Izzy is a very talented sun witch (fire/healing) who has a bone to pick with the local hunters. Unlike many of the Lost Boys, she had an incredibly loving family. Her parents were witches as well, and they were very attentive and caring, and taught her to control her powers. They trained her from a fairly young age, and when they were killed by Hunters, she lost everything. They were never quite rich, so she didn’t have much in the way of money when they passed. She dropped out of high school, and has been in search of the hunters who killed her parents for the last year or so.

    Valeria, 16, Siren, PB Isabela Moner
    Val’s mother was a Siren, and her father, not in the picture, was a witch. Her mother was a typical borderline-abusively overwhelming helicopter mother who was intent on her daughter being The Absolute Best even to the extent of sacrificing her childhood and sanity, so it annoyed her to no end that Val never did much when it came to studying her magic. Eventually, not content with Val being a simple witch, her mother turned her into a Siren. It was at this point that Val ran away. Like a few of the others, she simply wandered into Neverland Theater, and upon hearing her story she was allowed to stay. She is a bit of a wild child, somewhat prone to being reckless simply because she had incredibly limited freedom when she was younger. Her mother is definitely still in the area and looking for her, but neither Val nor any of the other Lost Boys have any intention of Val returning to the woman’s care.
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