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Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Kausza, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. Kausza

    Kausza Fresh Blood

    Hey there! I've known of this site for some time but decided to make a new account here. I have a suggestion for the site that includes some sort of search ability for role playing modes (search [mode type here] type of bar, perhaps categories for different types?) Since most of RPGs I've seen on here are forum/play-by-post, I don't know if this is as applicable but it would certainly be helpful to easily identify certain modes of play. Being a chat-user myself, I know that some people looking for specific modes that suit them best.

    Just something I thought I would note, perhaps for the future:)

  2. Kitsufox
    Caffeine Fix

    Kitsufox Resident Game Owner

    This is a great thought. I'm a strict forum-person myself (no time to do the chatroom thing anymore). Different users do have very specific things they look for in games, and this would help newer folk figure out which games are the ones they should investigate that much quicker.
  3. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    That's a great idea. :) I'll add it to my "to-do list."
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