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  1. No really.

    Steamhawke has been around for almost 2 years now (in October) and we have about 10 active members who are happy to write for an assorted crew of pirates. We are close-ish to starting chapter 9, in which we will go and take a train journey in the Old West for several reasons: to drop off rich passengers and get paid, to find treasure and get loot, and to find a doomsday device and... well, save the world, I guess.

    If you have an idea for a character that will fit in, or not, why not join in? Our current character list still has room for more writers and characters.

    Steamhawke uses Nova 2, which is an rp management system and not a forum. But it is easy to get used to, and offers a different experience that forum posting. If you like more infornation, feel free to pm me, or use the contact form on site.

    Steamhawke is run by 2 co-admins, one of them is me. The other is my guy, which means we discuss Steamhawke issues over the washing up.

    For an overview of the last 7 chapters...
  2. Chapter 8: Pirates and Cowboys is coming to a close soon. We will start Chapter 9 with the arrival of the wagon train of pirates arriving in Kanesville.

    The video contains the overal story from chapter 1 through chapter 7. I really should start on a full summary of chapter 8, sometime.
  3. Chapter 9 has started.

    Steam City
    Kanesville is a noisy, busy, filthy industrial town under martial law. The crew have found temporary quarters in an abandonned building, while the Captain tries to find a way to get all of them to Columbus City. After a double murder, one of the crew is arrested.
  4. We still haven't actually taken that train journey after all these months of writing! So if you want to go get on board, jump in now!

    Come check us out!