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Character Wanted Starship Fawkes is Seeking Crew

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by RottenEmu, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. RottenEmu

    RottenEmu Newcomer Game Owner

    On the S.S. Fawkes we're always looking for new players to join our busy crew! We're ferrying people and goods all across the United Federation of Planets and we're in dire need of the following roles:

    First Mate - The First Mate is the second in command aboard the S.S. Fawkes and their main duty is the security and safety of the captain and the ship. Historically the rank is also referred to as Chief Mate and in line with the history aboard cargo ships the First Mate is in charge of the crew and cargo and reports to the captain. Their duties include ship navigation, plotting the best route to the next destination and overseeing its execution. Furthermore the First Mate is responsible for the well being and training of the crew. In case of emergency the First Mate is on the scene to assess the situation and deal with it accordingly, also overseeing and conducting the occasional emergency drills.

    Boatswain - In Earth’s history boatswains have worked in a ship's deck department as the foremen of the unlicensed deck crew. On the S.S. Fawkes the Bosun is the second mate, or third in the chain of command. The Bosun is distinguished from other deck crew by the supervisory roles: planning, scheduling, and assigning work. Outside the supervisory role, the boatswain regularly inspects the vessel and performs a variety of routine, skilled, and semi-skilled duties to maintain all areas of the ship not maintained by the engineering department. These duties can include cleaning, painting, and maintaining the vessel's hull, superstructure and deck equipment as well as executing a formal preventive maintenance program. Moreover, a boatswain may be called upon to lead firefighting efforts or other emergency procedures encountered in the inherently dangerous environment of a starship. Effective boatswains are able to integrate their spacefarer skills into supervising and communicating with members of deck crew with often diverse backgrounds.

    Ship's Physician - During the age of sail, a time on Earth where the boats were primarily propulsioned by sails, the Ship’s Physicians, or Surgeons as they were called during that time, didn’t need to have a Medical Degree and were usually trained by way of apprenticeship before coming aboard a vessel. This however is the Space age and due to regulations by the UFP Ship’s Physicians are required to hold a Medical Degree, hence the difference in name. The Ship’s Physician is required to keep the sickbay and medical kits up to regulations set forth by the UFP or other sovereign entities the Fawkes conducts her business in. A Physician may call on the Deck Hands to function as loblolly boys (or girls as the case may warrant), these ‘loblolly boys’ originally were unlicensed crew that would be an assistant to the Surgeon. Through this the Deck Hands can learn about first aide. In case there are wounded or ill that require the care of the Ship’s Physician it is mandatory for him to check in on them twice a day, as set forth by the UFP, usually this is done in the morning and in the evening. A Ship’s Physician doesn’t have an official duty roster but may be called upon 24/7 in case of a medical emergency.

    Find us on: https://starshipfawkes.nl/