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    Casius PulsarMade By: Morrigan (Theresa Pulsar Character)Preferred PB: Chris Cornell (already established)Age: 45General Personality: Analytical. He can lean into the too analytical side but that is where Theresa balances him out as she is probably not analytical enough. She can be testy which helps him prompt decisions.
    Nice, strong, compassionate, loving.Important Historic notes: Best thing to do would be to read Theresa's profile It would give you an idea of approximate dates for things like their marriage and children happenings and things.
    He is still moderately active in the knights, no longer doing field work he helps strategize.
    He is also the owner/operator of the Cydonia Scrap and Salvage. Currently *for plot* he is at the Vegas site doing some major excavating.If you would like to pick up this character please contact Morrigan for more details as this character has a few already started plots.Relations of Note: Pulsar family (2 sons, 1 daughter, wife)


    Jennifer RagnarokPreferred PB: Lady GagaAge: Early twentiesAlignment: EuphoriaGeneral Personality: Mastermind. Jennifer is the mastermind behind all Euphoria. She is the top, even above her brother, Stephen. She is the one that comes up with new plans of control and advancement as well as keeps her brother in check.Important Historic notes: Genetically manipulated clone of one of the founders of Bliss. She is the sibling of Stephen, younger but a duplicate of herself and self-taught.Relations of Note: Daemon York – The man that keeps all secrets in check.
    Stephen Newday - Brother and lover - Although they are siblings they have a twisted sexual relationship, they are only siblings through their manipulated blood. Jennifer uses it as a form of control over Stephen.
    Ekani Newday - Stephen's wife but Jennifer's lover. Jennifer uses her to manipulate Stephen but also manipulates her to do as she needs and since the woman is in love with her it is easy.
    Van Wilson - Saved him from continued experimentation at 10 in her first incarnation. Uses him as an errand boy when she needs him. Tolerates his lewd behavior.Stephen NewdayPreferred PB: Adrian PasdarAge: Late thirties early forties.Alignment: EuphoriaGeneral Personality: Manipulative. He is the grinning poster boy face of Euphoria and has been for many years. Outwardly he is the perfect Good Life child but he doesn't even take the pills, knowing the result. He likes to twist those around him to do his bidding whether they like it or not and he is not beneath getting his hands a little dirty if he has to.Important Historic notes: Genetically manipulated clone of one of the founders of Bliss. He is the elder brother to Jennifer incarnation 2.Relations of Note: Daemon York – The man that keeps all of his secrets in check but is getting increasingly frustrating as he can't stamp out the Knights.
    Jennifer Ragnarok - Sister and lover - Although they are siblings they have a twisted sexual relationship, they are only siblings through their manipulated blood. Jennifer uses the sexual relationship as a control over Stephen but he is oblivious to this because he is blinded with a twisted lust/love.
    Ekani Newday - His wife and another master manipulator both by herself and manipulated by the love of her life Jennifer.


    Liam SheehyMade By: Morrigan and StormyPreferred PB: Daniel CraigAge: 31-35General Personality: Arrogant, manipulative, suave, seedy, charismatic, competitive, friendly, jealous. While he seems like a regular good lifer and best friend to most he is actually jealous of those he believes to be "better off" then him. He hides it well enough using competitiveness to hide it in a sort of game. No one really notices it as much more then a playful competition as that's all it comes off as. He especially finds great competition when it comes to his life-long friend Demetri because Demetri had everything and didn't take it. To this day his biggest loss is Mordria, and regrets what he did to her in his drunken stupor.
    Currently, with Mordria back in town, he is trying to work his charms on her before Demetri comes to town and play off the card that she believes Demetri turned her in to try and win her this time around.
    Please PM both Morrigan and Stormy for more information.Important Historic notes:
    Has known Demetri his entire life.
    Met Mordria at the same time as Demetri.
    While Demetri and Mordria dated he made advances trying to get her into his bed, even after they were married but not in front of Demetri at that point.
    When Demetri and Mordria moved into Eurasia he was the one that reported Mordria for being a Gypsy and having her erased. He was drunk when it happened and he regrets it but has never told anyone that it was him.
    Consoled Demetri with Green Good Life Pills.
    Got a transfer to Bliss a few years ago and delivers Good Life to the small towns around the city. He still provides Green Good Life to Demetri.
    Deals Green Good Life.
    His job is delivery so he drives vans from Bliss to small towns delivering their order for Good Life. This is also how he is able to steal the Green pills.Relations of Note: Mordria and Demetri




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