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Discussion in 'Business & Marketing' started by RP Collective, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. RP Collective

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    As a site, we very keenly track the impact of referrals from other sites (directories, site lists etc.) and social media avenues using Google analytics - it helps give us a feel on where best to invest our time and attention.

    So, my first question is, do any of you also track analytics? And my second question is, if you do track analytics, have you seen any substantial site traffic/site registration originating from your social media accounts?

    We're particularly interested in any gains from Tumblr as we're discussing getting one set up for the board.

    Thoughts and feedback welcomed and appreciated!
  2. BobbyB

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    We track it, but as for social media, we mostly get an influx right after posting. We've only had one sign up from social media though, despite posting daily to our account(s), as well as interacting with other writers, rp'ers and communities on them.
    We're personally not very active on Tumblr so I couldn't give you much useful information on that particular one.