Resolved So making ten posts?

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by PipertheHyena, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. PipertheHyena

    PipertheHyena Newcomer Game Owner

    Does that mean I have to START ten posts? Because I've made 12 posts, and still can't do crap.
  2. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    Nope, just posting in any thread will do and I think its 15 posts you need to start your site thread.

    STFMAC Newcomer

    I think it says 10 before you can post your site. lol
  4. grimfox

    grimfox Resident Game Owner

    I was curious about this as well, thanks for the clarification!
  5. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    ya'all just gotta post away is all ^_^
  6. benarndtbb

    benarndtbb Fresh Blood

    wait so is it ten or fifteen?
  7. Sage

    Sage Newcomer

    Yeah the message at the top of my screen definitely says I have to make 10 posts, but I've made ten posts and nothing has changed ;>.>
  8. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    It's a cron thing. After you've made the 10 posts, you still need to wait until the site runs a cron job in order to update your account with the proper permissions. :)
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  9. Trixx

    Trixx Newcomer Game Owner

    Oh heck I was super confused about this too.
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  10. Duchess

    Duchess Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm glad I stopped in here.
  11. John Hurt
    Caffeine Fix

    John Hurt Newcomer

    I was curious about this as well, thanks for the clarification!
  12. Tabs

    Tabs Newcomer

    Just curious - when does the Cron thing run? Lol. Though I'm slowly becoming addicted to this site. Let's just be real.
  13. TheVineyard

    TheVineyard Newcomer Game Owner

    Ditto I was wondering the same thing myself!
  14. TheVineyard

    TheVineyard Newcomer Game Owner

    Thanks again for the clarification!
  15. Sadrienne

    Sadrienne Resident Game Owner

    Right! I was starting to get confused/unsure of what I was doing wrong. This is good to know... I shall be patient.
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  16. lexibean

    lexibean Newcomer

    Time to be patient on the same topic! Good thing there's this thread...
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