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Discussion in 'Management' started by RP Collective, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. RP Collective

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    Just a quick one, really. We've noticed a little bit of an activity drop off these last few weeks, I was just wondering if any other sites are having a similar blip (might help to give us an idea of whether it's a time-of-the-year thing or if we're just having a wee slump)?
  2. valucre

    valucre Resident Game Owner

    I find that this will depend on the age demographic of your members. I find that members who are also students will be the most active in the winter, when they're at school and doing homework and so have to use a computer anyway, and less active in the summer, when they are on vacation and use that free time to socialize off web
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  3. SRWIgnition

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    Things do tend to get slow in the summer. It's just how it is - I like to use it to take a little break, pull back and rethink the direction of what I'm doing while my members are occupied elsewhere.
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  4. Rivfader

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    I've actually found the opposite a lot. I find the summer is busier because people have more free time on their hands if you're catering to a more studenty demographic. I personally get more inactive during the winter/academic year because I'm more focused on college and socializing then.
  5. RP Collective

    RP Collective Resident Game Owner

    We actually have an older demographic for the most part but I still think Summer is the time lots of people have holidays, their kids are off school so they have less free time etc.

    Our 'core' base is still super active on Discord and on the board itself, it's just those slightly less active members who seem even less active than usual.