Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kismetdivided, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Heyo,
    I'm Iota.~ I didn't quite understand how RPGfix worked at first so I registered with my site's name instead of my username (oops!).

    Hmmm... What to say about me? /Thinks/ Well, I'm somewhat an art student and somewhat not. Currently in the process of helping my fam renovate a plot and make a flower shop. ♪ I have a lot of pride and am forever sleepy slothish but I chose "Lust" as my skin, haha. My favourite genres to RP usually consist of fandoms and action. I struggle with Slice of Life but I do like a bit of domestic threads in between my actiony/adventure threads. My favourite games are Suikoden V, .hack//GU, FF VIII/IX/X (and XII is just beautiful for its setting and culture, honestly), NieR:Automata (looking forward to trying the first NieR one day!), and Persona 5.

    I look forward to lurking, reading, and maybe contributing posts. See you all around!
  2. I recall you two from elsewhere too, hello!

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