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  1. Mim

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    I've been using SU for a number of years now and while my progress was very slow (read painfully) for the first few years, I've managed to finally grasp most of the concepts now. Is anyone else using it? Or perhaps something more advanced like Blender or Lightwave?

    Here is my DA account where you can see a lot of the things I have done over the years. Added with PS5, you can make some really great images.
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    If you can, you should give Blender a go. It is free and while the learning curve may seem steep at first, once you crack that code, you'll be wondering why you never tried it from the start. Sketchup is a good tool to start with, but it'll never match a good rendering program like Blender. Or Lightwave for that matter. (Sadly no longer free)
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    Thank you Raza. I do have Blender on my Chromebook, I just need to watch a LOT of tutorial videos before I get right into it