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    There are two main reasons why the RPGfix bot chokes and cannot find a link back to your site.

    1. Masked/Altered URL/Nofollow Hijacking/iFrames

    Some free site providers steal "link juice" by enabling the nofollow tag on outgoing links, or by masking the URL (a few affiliate and banner plugins will do this). Most often you can get around this by adding the raw HTML RPGfix link code to another section of your site (usually in your base wrapper/skin code).

    If you view the source of your website and cannot find the link in it's entirety, then this is likely the cause of your submission issue.

    Please PM @Shriker in order to get your URL whitelisted if you use any of the following hosts, as there are currently no known work arounds for them:
    • WikiFoundry (adds a nofollow tag to all links)
    • Wix (uses outdated iFrames)
    2. Malformed HTML

    This one is a little more difficult to diagnose, however it is quite common. Quite a few free themes and skins aren't quite up to coding standards and the RPGfix bot isn't exactly the smartest bot on the block. It'll choke and explode if it encounters any malformed HTML and will tell you that it cannot find the link even though you know you added it correctly.

    To check for malformed HTML, drop your site URL into the free W3C Validator and it'll tell you where your problem areas are.

    Still totally stuck and can't find the problem? You're welcome to post your wrapper or skin code right here in the support forum for assistance. We don't want to exclude any site from the directory based upon their platform of choice, or coding ability, so we'll try our best to help you out. :heart-s:
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