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    Forum Name: 'Souls RPG
    Forum Genre: Post-apocalyptic, canine, werewolves
    Forum Description: It's been 20 years since humanity was almost completely killed off; canines have reclaimed much of the world. Thanks to the same event that killed the humans, canines now have the ability to shift to a two-legged, humanoid form (werewolves!) and are slowly adapting old human technologies and less feral ways of life, though there are still traditionalist sentiments and fears about becoming "too human."

    Character Search:
    Basics: Sirius Revlis is a two year old wolf-coyote-dog hybrid. He has a very complicated heritage, which includes being born during a cataclysmic fire, a lot of people who weren't really there for him and a lot of people who are just a distant memory. He had adoptive family a few times over, but he was still shuffled around a lot as a kid, and he ended up wandering off at about nine months of age. What's happened to him between then and now is up to you. :)

    Related Characters: I play two characters that are related to Sirius -- his grandmother, Kaena Lykoi, and his ... well, this is where it gets complicated. :| One of my other characters, Eris Lykoi, is super-related to Sirius. They're related from two families: Eris is Sirius's grand-aunt on his maternal side, and his aunt on his paternal side (without inbreeding). He has a literal crapton of other relatives in the Inferni pack. That's where I would like for him to end up, but if you'd prefer to put him elsewhere, we can discuss it. ^^; No biggie!

    Plottage?!: I would love for Eris and Sirius to learn about her paternal history and his maternal history together! Basically, Sirius's great grandfather/Eris's father, Salvaged, was a killer and a lot of other bad things, and he did a lot of awful things to a lot of people. He ended up having tons and tons of kids, most of them illegitimate, and in his day, he had quite a reputation. This was a few years ago, though, and most of that family has fragmented and gone off elsewhere (inactive or dead) and the memory of Salvaged himself has since faded. Eris and Sirius would have to do some digging to find out about their ancestor.
    My other character Kaena, Eris's mother/Sirius's grandmother, knows quite a lot about Salvaged, but she and Eris have Problems and Kaena is not willing to divulge anything to Eris yet (and would be wary of telling Sirius anything for fear of it being shared with Eris). There are a few other characters who might also remember a little about Salvaged, too, but I can't guarantee anything on their end, of course. If you're totally disinterested in learning about his great grandaddy, I'm fine with that! I have a back-up plan, so please don't feel obligated to fulfill this suggestion if it doesn't spark your fancy. I personally imagine Sirius would be a little damaged from his tumultuous youth and would take morbid interest in discovering his screwed-up family line, but if you wanted to take him in an entirely different direction, I'm down for discussion!

    Character Baubles

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    Three avatars (one is displayed in each profile)

    Reference sheet courtesy of Kaylink's Wolfmaker (displayed in forum profile)

    I'll throw you a few doHTML post tables if you're into that. ^^;
    Link to your characters profile(s):

    Open Characters Advertisement -- This contains the most information about adopting him.Note: The 'character contract' bit is mostly for our own forum atmosphere -- I'm assuming people who adopt characters via this forum are rather used to them being replayered if it doesn't work out, whereas it's sometimes common for characters to be permanently adopted at 'Souls. ^^; However, Sirius is a character I would like to see played long-term, and if it doesn't work out with a player, I do plan on replayering him. If you're uncomfortable with that notion, please don't waste our time here. Thank you for taking the time to look anyway!

    Forum Profile -- His basic forum profile. :) He already has an account at the board; I have the password and I will pass it along to you. His profile has been filled out with the basics, but of course you're free to edit whatever you'd like.

    Wiki Profile -- His 'Souls Wiki profile. This has the same basic information as his forum profile. You can edit this whenever you'd like, if you'd like -- don't feel obligated to keep your Wiki updated. It's a nice bauble to the site, I think, but not everyone enjoys it. ^^;

    Board Link: 'Souls RPG Link to your account: Kaena Lykoi @ 'Souls RPG Contact Info:

    Reply to this thread with general questions regarding the character or the board, please. ^^; Others may have the same questions and it will save everyone time if they can view our discussion!

    Email me for serious interest. No questions? No concerns? Jumping up and down with excitement? Send off an e-mail with the subject "Sirius Revlis" in it! Though this is certainly not mandatory, I would appreciate if you told me:

    A little bit about yourself! I don't need to know anything about you to enjoy roleplaying with you, but I would appreciate at least a nickname by which to call you! :p

    A little bit of your roleplaying history. You don't have to go into serious detail here, of course! How long you've been roleplaying and your genre experience will suffice just fine. Please include a link to a roleplaying sample (anything will do -- doesn't have to be canines).

    What interests you specifically about Sirius? I certainly don't expect a 500-word diatribe here, please don't send me anything lengthy. XD A sentence or two will do me just fine.

    Although I do have messenger programs to discuss the character, adoption, and the board, I would highly prefer to keep conversation to this thread exclusively prior to adopting the character to you. After that, if you'd like, we can chat as often as you'd like. :D

    Thanks for checking this out! Hope to hear from someone soon. :D
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