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Discussion in 'Character Development' started by webs, Aug 10, 2020.

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    What character development have you explored recently?

    My character Theodore is undergoing a lot of character development lately - after witnessing a murder and then being an accessory to another, he's really struggling on whether his father is evil or not, and dealing with much introspection. He's now beginning to accept that he needs to chase what he cares about, and to find a way to break away from his family, and in that he's finally pursuing a friendship and hopeful romance with his crush, after staying away from her to keep her safe.
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    My two most beloved characters have just had some real wrenches thrown in their life plans!

    Charlie has just learned that his (assumedly) dead ex-"labels are for chumps" isn't as dead as Charlie thought--he's just more or less a ghost inhabiting the body of a politician. Seven months after the man in question "died"--so he's having to wrestle with avoiding admitting he might, possibly, feel an emotion about that.

    And Aurelie has just: 1.) escaped from a life of slavery to the church only to be 2.) arrested by her childhood fiancé who then 3.) turned on the organization he works for to free her and start a life as a fugitive with her. So now she has to wrestle with the fact that someone unidentified turned her over to the authorities AND she still has the Big Feelings for her childhood best friend/fiancé, who is unfortunately engaged. Oh, and they adopted a dog who might actually in fact be a very friendly wolf pup.

    Exciting times! Ahaha.