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Character Wanted Secret society members & wizarding families - Harry Potter 1980s, Canons & OCs

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by Kieran, Nov 11, 2021.

  1. Kieran

    Kieran Resident Game Owner

    Children of Merlin - Harry Potter 1980s RPG
    In 1985 a secret society rises that threatens to overthrow the government and take away magical power from anyone they deem unworthy, with the peaceful and nearly perfected weapon they claim to have. Their cause is more noble than their methods. A summary of what they're about is in the Other notes section. We also cover the Philosopher's Stone year 1991-1992. Fluid time flow.

    Close friends of the founder/leader Old friends from long before he founded the society.

    * A retired Auror from United States
    (The leader used to be an FBI Special Agent in the 1950s and 1960s, retired years ago. And he's an Animagus.) This old friend always disagreed with the backwards attitudes MACUSA had about wizard-muggle relationships and other closeminded government policies. So he was glad to and fiercely loyally joined his friend's cause in Britain that has its own such problems. He could be a werewolf (but doesn't have to be), and be a spy in the Ministry for the secret society. They would share interests and views outside of these matters too, of course. This friend could be either man or a woman.

    * A former Hogwarts professor
    She was a Potions professor at Hogwarts in the 1970s and befriended my OC. (The leader was a Transfiguration professor there between 1972-1975.) This friend is also a muggle-born who's struggled in the wizarding society because of it. They bonded over common interests and values. She too is an Animagus. She has a son who back then was a firt year at Hogwarts. The kid's father (possibly a blood-purist) had abandoned them when the boy was born. My OC becamse sort of a father-figure to the boy and developed a close bond with him, which she appreciated. All this past made them close, good friends and her want to join his cause in the 1980s.

    I'm looking for players who are interested in writing threads also in a slice of life style as in also write threads that have nothing or very little to do with the secret society part but that are just about their friendship and lives in general. Yes, we may focus on the site-wide plot stuff but that's not all I want to do. I want well-rounded character and relationship development. (I play the founder/leader.)

    All wizardkind regardless of blood status, wealth, or social standing are affected by the threat the secret society poses. Be it positively or negatively. To have the best chance to survive the threat, they should either fight the secret society as in find a way to aid the Ministry, or support the secret society's cause in some way. But some may still want to or need to choose the middle ground of just trying to live their life as normally as possible. Anyway, the world situation is likely to cause clashes between different kind of families and personalities way more than usually but then also the threat concerns everyone whilst nothing's black-and-white, so unlikely friendships can form. As can just regular friendships as people bond over shared situations.

    Also, at one point something happens at Hogwarts that causes a lot of parents to pull their children out and opt to homeschool them instead. Which offers further plotting possibilities.

    Right now there's my two wizarding families whose fathers are in law enforcement, (an Auror and a muggle police force officer), mothers are muggle-borns, and they have young children of which one is a squib and one a werewolf. They don't let the world situation consume their lives. So they can associate with many kinds of families and people. I'm looking to write in a slice of life way, so that not every single game event involves the site-wide plot. I want well-rounded character and relationship development.

    * Newt Scamander

    My OC family is his kin and I vision they're close with him. I created his nephew (who's an Auror) and nephew's wife (who owns Magical Menagery) and son (who's very young and equally enthusiastic about fantastic beasts and where to find them)...So, Newt's nephew is likely to be one of those Aurors trying to bring Children of Merlin down whilst his wife may feel conflicted about the whole thing, and their son may feel torn. I think it would be interesting to see what the olde Newt would do in this world situation.

    * A muggle and a squib with a young werewolf son

    To befriend my OC family who has a young werewolf son and a young squib daughter. The muggle is a police officer collegue of my family's father who is a wizard working in the muggle police force. The collegue just so happens to have a squib wife and also have a young werewolf son. Their son is tormented by being a werewolf whilst my OC family's son is enthusiastic about it. They're hoping the boys' polar opposite attitudes could balance each other out a little bit to make it healthier for them. The friend family's squib mother could support my OC family's daughter what with them feeling like they fall in between belonging to neither society truly. My OC family's mother is also out of the picture at that point so the friend family's squib mother would kinda be a mother-figure to her. As they spend time together outside of work and as families they discover they have more positive things in common as well, (interests and values.)

    We cover also this canon event year, and we already have a few student characters (aged 11-13) who offer a lot of possibilities. They have parents who can also be brought in if needed. So, other students as well as Hogwarts staff would be awesome so we could enjoy this part o fthe timeline as well. Hogwarts has a lot of teachers for each subject so OCs can be created too. A Hogwarts teacher can be a squib too, as most of the subjects don't requite spell casting abilities + in this RPGs universe Hogwarts subjects include also english, science and math. Of course Hogwarts staff has plenty of possibilities during that site-wide main plot too, especially during school breaks.

    * A Slytherin boy, aged 11/12

    My OC is in Slytherin (age 11) who wants to try and change the image other houses have of Slytherin. That not all Slytherins are evil or arrogant buttholes. Though he is mischievious, and somewhat temperamental around full moon, so he may not succeed as well as he would like. He would make a friend in Slytherin who wants to help him in bettering Slytherin's reputation. They would get enemies in their own house and friends in other houses. They'd become friends long before Hogwarts. My OC is a werewolf, and I'm thinking this friend would be close enough, open-minded enough and trustworthy enough to know it. My OCs family is a kind that sympathises with Children of Merlin's cause so we could well write these boys in that plot too despite of them being very young at the time.

    * Ravenclaw boy, age 12/13)

    To befriend my OC who's Newt Scamander's relative and equally enthusiastic about fantastic beasts and where to find them and caring for them. They could have adventures in the Forbidden Forest and study Fluffy. Outside of Hogwarts they could enjoy Newt's menagery and my OCs pet niffler or work in his mother's pet shop. And just generally develop their friendship as pre-teens in the wizarding society. They befriended before Hogwarts and could be in some way involved in the Children of Merlin plot as well as they were 8 to 10 year olds when that took place and my OCs father is an Auror.

    Other notes:


    We base on the seven HP bookks, adapted with our board-canon which we have in a number of things. The biggest being in how the wizardkind are hiding from muggles and in visions of some magical creatures, especially vasmpires and werewolves. Also other stuff has some adaptation or further fan visioning. Anything in the World thread.


    I don't post multiple replies every day all the time. I can if the in-game situation is inspireing enough and not too deep/complex, but it's quality over quantity. On average I post 1-2 times a week but sometimes it can take many weeks if I'm lacking energy or am busy. So, I need players who won't mind sometimes weeks delays and certainly don't expect daily replies. Of course I offer the same understanding and acceptance back. Again, of course whilst trying to be
    reasonably active. Good communication is golden when activity levels vary.


    It's a secret society in England, formed by witches, wizards and squibs who want to change the wizarding society so that muggle-borns and squibs and other minority groups will no more be treated like second-class citizens or worse. And so that people like Grindelwald and Voldemort could never rise again. They view the core problem be the wizardkind's overall incredible superiority complex about magic as well as corruption in the government. So they threaten to hit the reset button. They're terrorists and commit treason, but they're not evil. They don't torture or kill anyone. If you want to know more, there's detailed info on the board. And of course the plot thread detailing a framework of what happens on the timeline because of them.
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