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  1. Greetings All

    Name's Rhael. I am female, 29 years old, from the (arguably?) greatest city in the world: New York. I have role-played for around 15 years, bouncing from platform to platform. From forums to instant messaging, I tried a bit of everything. Nowadays, I greatly prefer group play-by-post on a solid forum.

    I love deep, complex roleplays and characters that can progress in such detailed settings. Ideally I would want to be involved in well-organized role-plays in which the plot can progress at a good pace. Too many times I've been involved in roleplays where never ending social interactions between characters occurred, but nothing really significant ever happened; no story, no progression.

    I'm okay role-playing smut, as long as it isn't the main focus of a roleplay. I think romances and kinky scenes should happen slowly but surely. It should all be organic and integrated in the story. Ideally I'd want those scenes to be treated as subplots; important ones, perhaps, but never the sole focus of a roleplay, otherwise I tend to get bored pretty quickly.

    I'm more than fine with adult themes and I have very few limits. I prefer to play dominant characters, violent characters, bad boys/girls who might or might not have a soft spot hidden inside and waiting to be drawn out. In general, I prefer to play troubled characters, or characters that would be seen as antagonistic or antiheroes.

    My preferred genres are cyberpunk, first and foremost. That's my true passion right there, as I've been an avid fan of the genre for years, ever since I had the chance to read the immortal Sprawl Trilogy. Vampire: The Masquerade and the World of Darkens (old one) in general are a close second. I love supernatural settings of any kind when it's said and done. General science fiction is also something I like very much, as well as spy/military settings. At the end of the day, any setting would pique my curiosity, as long as the roleplay is structured well and and ran properly.

    And of course, drama is a huge no. I don't do drama, I don't want drama. Role-playing is an hobby and should stay as such; a fun, creative activity that would allow me to experience the growth of fictional characters. Nothing more than that.

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