RPGs you miss?

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  1. PBEMsuggest

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    Is there a long forgotten RPG you've played in or followed as a lurker that you still miss? For me, The Portland Aftermath Campaign would be on top of the list.
  2. When I was younger and just starting out on my RPG journey, I posted on a horse based RPG site named WildHorseMountain. It’s still online but not active anymore. I miss it a lot and made a lot of friends there while learning how to write and form plots correctly.
  3. Terrea

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    There was a place many years ago called Raven City. I miss it.
  4. There is one site called Elder Tales based on the Log Horizon anime. I really missed it, but it helped me return to role-playing sites after a few years of hiatus before.
  5. VixarePanda

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    There was a site I used to be a part of called "Myth". There were a few different incarnations of this, including "Myth V: The Shadow of Let" and "Myth VI: Touchfire". I can still, to this day recall the name of every single subspecies. It was an elemental wolf RPG and the owner had an amazing imagination. Myself and everyone I knew on the site were very upset when they finally closed.
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    Myth was so creative. :heart: @Lando has an account here but hasn't been on in years.
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    Wow, I had no idea! Myth was where I first started Forum RP and Lando did so much in helping me grow to love the community!
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  9. theeflamehead

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    I think my first experience was with a boarding school RP, akin to Hogwarts, but without the magic. Can't find a trace of it anymore.
  10. Swoopingjobberknolls

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    The second RPG I ever joined was an HP site called The Chronicles and I basically joined just so I could play Horace Slughorn. I ended up staying for years and eventually running the site myself for quite a while.
  11. Jinx

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    I think the ones I miss might be due to a case of rose-colored nostalgia. There's a few that I absolutely loved, and some of them reopened, but it just wasn't the same. I think it was a combination of the particular characters played by particular players at particular moments in our lives that made it what it was, and that's something that can't be replicated even though I've tried. Some that stand out for me are a game about two werewolf packs and their dynamics, a game about a town run by vampires secluded from the outside world, and a game that took place in Neverland which functioned as kind of a magic limbo. The latter two reopened, even had some of the same players, but the feel was just so different that I didn't end up staying.
  12. sora

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    There was a RPG called "Half-Blood Hill" I roleplayed on years ago. It was Percy Jackson. I think it was before the Romans got involved (at least when I was on it.) The community was amazing, and I loved the staff and all the work they put into it. I quit roleplaying for a few years, and when I came back I spent hours trying to find it. When I did... it had shut down and I was really sad.
  13. Somniac

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    Silverfalls. Definitely a rose-tinted situation - I was 14, just starting to find myself and write stories people enjoyed. The owner was someone I admired, and it was the first time I was a major player in a shared story line.

    They had drow as a PC race. I had (and still have) a strange fascination with pre-Drizzt drow.
  14. Sorewounds

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    For me it was my first RPG named TORVA, it was a wolf RPG on a mybb site. and it drew me into the world of online roleplaying communities. It was really fun at the time it was alive. I know the old sites are still able to access but you no longer can log into them or get your things. Which is a bummer as I lost a lot artwork from my character that was on the sites? I miss the laid back way that they just let you be you and let your characters react instead of pushing you to do this and that. I really miss Torva to the point that sometimes I have dreams I still write on the site with my characters bahaha.
  15. AdAshtra

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    My first was DragonHame, a loosely based DnD and later WhiteWolf???? forum that I found through NeoPets. My characters were awful, but I was thirteen. I made a lot of cool people through there. We met up over Facebook like a decade later, but ended up drifting away again. We all aged differently.

    The other was a cool concept of witchcraft and faeries that I truly enjoyed with a small group of players. It went well for a while, but somehow an issue arouse OOC between myself and the three admins. We were all four of us close, but then they grew closer and somehow though my ire toward my exclusion was that I was mad at IC consequences. I still miss them sometimes. Such is life.

    The other was through a great plot that I had with a character. Lots of fun. Super invested. Came to a climax of the story and the other player just... got interested in something else and I couldn't get a post out of them anymore. Then there was some OOC drama. Again, such is life.

    I admire and envy the peeps who have stories and plots going for years.
  16. writerlimn

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    A roleplay I miss was a Sci-Fi forum called Retrograde, simply for the setting, the cast of characters, and the stories that came about.
  17. EssGee

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    When I was a kid I was on this Invisionfree board called Sunerion Isle where characters were feral Pokemon, usually hybrids, and there were no humans. It was good times.
  18. I was on a hunter/werewolf site several years ago, and I really miss the atmosphere and the simplicity of having werewolves and humans as the only species.
  19. Miss Bunny

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    For me it would have to be the first ever forum I was a part of, and played on for a good number of years. It was a place called Malfoy Mansion. Run but Draco Malfoy and was to this day still the best potter RPG I've played on (including the ones I made myself) it was closed down over ten years ago sadly, but man I loved that place.
  20. Grimscythe

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    I desperately miss the roleplay sites I began on. That's not to say they aren't around, but they are extremely toxic environments. It's more of a mind over matter thing to keep myself from logging back in. Occasionally, I fail.